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Let’s talk this out guys. Let’s let our feelings out so we don’t bottle them up. I want to talk about the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack. No, there is no Muse on there. And for those hoping that Robert Pattinson would making an appearance, I know you are also disappointed. Also notably absent: Paramore. Just let it out. Tell us how you feel in the comments.

Aside from those two tragic omissions, what do you think of the other artists on the soundtrack? Give us your opinion!

Listen to the first single, “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars, and tell us what you think of the track, and where we might see it in the film!

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  • Madiha-95

    i think this might be played in Breaking Dawn when Bella is leaving Jacob and saying goodbye

  • Tvash0687

    Love it! It will rain is a perfect song! Can't wait to see the movie!

  • Kelliejc

    All The soundtracks are ingenious!   Love them all!

  • Kelliejc

    That was the word GENIUS   oops

  • Ruth61967

    Disappointed there's no Muse………especially as they're a local group to me!!! Love Bruno Mars tho.

  • KatieCullen43

    cant wait to hear christina perri's song. i was actually hoping she'd be on this. and because we cant listen to the rest of the songs yet, i dont think i can judge a song based on the band's popularity. all of the twilight soundtracks had little known artists that as fans, we grew to know and enjoy. after a while, if you have the same band featured on all of the soundtracks, their songs somewhat start to blur together. im excited for the release of both the soundtrack and especially the film.

  • Sarahdalarah

    I hope they put blue october on this soundtrack some of their songs fit perfect!!

  • E&B

    This song just sounds a little generic and pop for my taste. But I'll have to see how it fits into the movie. Muse is my favorite band and while reading the books I thought of so many Muse songs that would fit in, so I too am very disappointed at no Muse. I hope we get a Rob song in part 2.

  • Aveselka

    Can't wait!! LOVE the twilight soundtracks and I think they'll hit a home run with this one. All the artists look great!!!!!! EXCITED!!!! :D

  • Monkey Man

    Bruno Mars?  Really?  Can we expect Justin Bieber on the next soundtrack?

  • E&B

    I do kind of like the Ooohh Oohhh parts in the song. If the man didn't sing it would be better.

  • Julie Newberry

    Can't believe there is no Muse, or any of the other great artists that have been on all other soundtracks, they have gone much to pop culture for BDp1, the loyal fans will understand this, all other films have had songs from a similar genre, Bruno Mars, does not fit in, it might be a good song, but it's not right for BDp1, I am sorry if that upsets people but that is my opinion, if this is the way the songs are going, maybe they are trying to make BDp1 soundtrack for a bigger market, personally I can't wait to hear the score now that Carter Burwell is back in the loop x x

  • Ncmdp

    We will all be able to hear Rob on Breaking Dawn II with Renesemee's Lullaby….something to look forward to!


    i can't wait to hear how it all is in the personally i dont think it matters that muse isnt in it because its different to the others and we havent seen the film so we don't know that it won't fit do we it could go either way but i love the lyrics and i think the producers and everyone like that know a bit more then those saying it wont fit and you dont like it cos u dont know how it will turn out i cant wait to see BD

  • Cgiocruz

    Muse ;( please let them be on the next soundtrack!!!! They're amazing but the Bruno mars son is okay. Hoping the soundtrack would be as good as eclipse:)

  • JanSongbird

    I think this is the song they may play when Bella and Jacob dance at the wedding reception.  If not, they may play this on the honeymoon, showing the different activities that Bella and Edward are doing like the waterfall and swimming and playing chess and such.  Maybe.  We'll see.  Can't wait to find out!  Excited about the soundtrack and the movie both!

  • Sunrpet

    When i read Breaking Dawn, I never imagined that a song by Bruno Mars would be in the movie. I'm sorry, but I don't think it fits to the book.
    This book is my fav, and I have to say I'm a little disappointed.

  • Dheatherd18

    i love the bruno mars song but i was realy looking forward to a new muse song for the saga. the muse defines what twilight is all about and im so very dissapointed that they dont have a song on the new sound track.twilight is the reason why i love the muse now and im realy not as excited about geting this sound track now. i will still buy it because i have all of them but i know it wont be my favorite. its a sad day for all the muse fans : (

  • Audrey Deaudelin

    I'm disappointed that Muse is not on the soundtrack.. The bruno Mars song is very good! Even if Muse, Paramore and Rob are not on this soundtrack, I'm sure that this soundtrack will be very nice.Can't wait to hear all the songs and to see the movie !

  • Deborahgatica89

    I can not wait. Paramore was only on the first album and Haliey explained why she did'nt want to to featured on the others. I am however dissappointed about Muse. It's was inspired Stephanie as she wrote twilight. How could they not put them on? Besides that I can not wait and I bet the soundtrack and score will be amazing as it always is =)

  • Gryffwitch37

    I think this will be when Jacob runs out when he gets the inviation to the wedding….my thoughts…:)

  • Fel

    No Muse and no Rob? Bummer. I'm intrigued to hear the wedding version of “Flightless Bird” though. Most of these artists I've never heard of. :-X

  • Tina Diede

    I'm not crazy about the Bruno Mars song either… looking forward to hearing the rest though! I am a HUGE fan, so don't try to say I'm not just cause I don't like Bruno! They did a pretty good job keeping the other soundtracks “alternative” and it fit. I really hope this one doesn't go to far into the “mainstream/pop” department!!

  • bella+edward=<3

    awwww thats a perfect song for wen charlie walks bella down the isle

  • Loverlylinda1

    I love bruno mars and think he is very good but not sure about the vibe that this song will bring tp the film and where it fits neccessarily. would go with amazing really!!!! I will need to wait and see the film to make an informed decision about the soundtrack but at the moment I am not so sure about many of them. Muse should have been there though I do think as stephanie meyer had the soundtrack on and it did inspire the scenes and do think that should be honoured as there would be no talk of any soundtrack to the films to talk about without her!!!!

  • Sophiepreece5

    I love the song Bruno Mars has released for this film, I think its a beautiful song, and a fantastic choice to choose Bruno Mars as an artist for this soundtrack – Im getting a good vibe from the choices that have been made, but I have to admit that I am sad and disappointed that there is no Muse track mentioned, or Paramore.
    But can I just remind myself and everybody else – theres 2 PARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is only the soundtrack for PART 1 of Breaking Dawn; We've still got ANOTHER soundtrack yet, because there will be TWO Breaking Dawn films :)
    so dont get all upset just yet, maybe both Muse and Paramore will have an appearance on the second soundtrack for Breaking Dawn Part 2.

  • Bookfan4ever

    It's a soundtrack, which means we'll all eventually have images that we'll think of and relate to when we listen to the music. While this song has a kind of watery, haunting sound to it right now, who knows what we'll associate with it after we've heard it along with its intended scene? Remember that some soundtrack songs only play for a very brief bit during the movie, some even while the credits roll. This song has a kind of quality that I can understand being background to something in the movie. I'm definitely disappointed there's no Muse in this one, but I'm hoping they'll be in the final movie at least. It would've been nice to have another RP track, too, but it's not what the powers that be thought would work. (He's been busy with a few things, anyway, right?)  I've been a fan of all the previous soundtracks (and scores, for that matter) for different reasons, but I always enjoy running the associated images through my mind while I'm listening. I can hardly wait to be able to do that with this soundtrack!

  • Kasey Aurentz

    I think the soundtracks have all been great (my fave was Eclipse) and I've discovered a lot of music I wouldn't normally have listened to.  Can't wait to hear the wedding version of Flightless Bird-one of my absolute favorite songs!  Can't wait to buy it!

  • Paulinelovetwilight

    ok, Muse is a really great band and it's a bit pity that they don't use it, but it's all right. I can't really say if this song fit or not, but if it fit, is has to be in a Jacob-Bella scene.

  • Steph86

    boys and girls every sountrck is selescted to fit with the mood of the scene and also with the plot so let's not jidge it until we seew in with part of the movie ok doesn't matter if it's classic or pop or rock or whatever ok? so that's my opinion anyway lirics of bruno mars song are really like bella's & Edward

  • Sus

    I think the Bruno Mars song is different from all we've heard before… don't love it, but it's ok… I do, however, expect more great songs, like the ones from new moon…. I also agree it that was the best!

  • Therealjessicarabbit

    I agree with TeamTaycob. This song is all about the “if you leave” and we all know Bella and Edward are set in stone (no pun intended). The leaving is Bella and Jacob's issue, so I'm thinking it will probably be playing as Bella and Jake are dancing at the wedding. I'm not a big fan of Bruno Mars' music but it's fine for a movie in the right situation.

  • kbt

    Not a huge Muse fan, but they're a “staple” and im gonna miss them. Love most artists listed, hoping this soundtrack is as amazing as the other 3. I like Bruno Mars but not really feeling this song for the saga. Maybe I'm just used to the indie rock vibe and it's how I expect the movies to sound? This just seems a bit out of place—almost like the DJ at the wedding reception picked it and not the Cullens, lol….

  • Stacey V

    I love the music for the Twilight saga films, I cant wait to purchase breaking dawn soundtracks to go with my collection :O)

  • kbt

    btw- i think it's maybe when jacob gets his invite and takes off on his own?

  • C_bratten

    I think this is after Jacob dances with Bella before she leaves on honeymoon and they argue

  • Pebbles7415

    the spill canvas “this is for keeps” is a must…..it depicts bella and edward perfectly!!!! Evanescence would be a good addition as well. I like the bruno mars song just dont think it is fitting!!!

  • Julsiesweet

    I'm not a big Bruno Mars fan but like this song, and I am sure the soundtrack will be good. I do kinda wish that Blue October would have had a song on here though like “sound of pulling heaven down” of course it probably didnt fit the mood and it probably would have been better on the Eclipse soundtrack anyway…Excited for the movie and Edward to be less perfect I like him pissed and lost best:)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PTUM3KJSMO5LUVZQ4FVAPCSORE Jeanne

    I have always trusted the sountrack people and was not necessarily impressed (after Twilight) with all the songs…but I am not impressed with the Bruno Mars pick…but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  • TechGirl

    New Moon was decidedly one of the better soundtracks put forth for the Twilight movies. My main complaint with the Twilight movies so far is that they (thus far) have had AMAZING soundtracks, but they fail to properly utilize them in the movies; most of the songs are used because they have a great intro, but we get none of the lyrics or when we do, the song is completely misplaced (ref: “Supermassive Black Hole” by muse in Twilight – great song for the beginning because it talks about falling for someone who is “the queen of the superficial.” However, the song was used for the baseball game (for a good beat, I guess)…when the family was actually being the most open and honest with Bella they had ever been.).

    There are some great names on here. So despite Muse and Paramore not being joined to this, I'm still optimistic and I love the Bruno Mars addition to the list. I just hope they can actually accurately place these songs in the movie so it ads to the experience as well as the characters.

  • jay

    i CANNOT wait to hear where bruno mars song will be at in the movie. hopefully something to do with jacob. im not a huge muse fan but it is kind of a shocker that theyre not on the soundtrack, since stephanie meyer loves them. but its whatever to me because i know the music people of the movie know what theyre doing. YAY I CANT WAIT!<3

  • Ann Jackson

    I hadn't really thought about it but you're right. It could easily fit there too.

  • Whant2be20

    Bruno's sound just does NOT work for this!! The author listened to Blue October and Muse when she was writing this I think we should stick with that continue the sound we were going with before and not make it pop just so that we will get on the best sellers list for soundtracks and the way this is going it's NOT going to happen!

  • Lorayjohnson

    I think the song is awesome and really goes with the vibe of Jacob. I think this song will be placed in the part where Jacob and Bella are dancing together and it will be playing softly in the background.

  • Mary_maney

    I Love the song.I can listen to it over and over again. Thanks Bruno Mars

  • Katt556

    I like the song and will be curous to see whats in store for the rest,as for missing Paramore,Muse and yes Edward(Rob) i will miss them  but hey  new is good too.Am totaly a Twilight fan and very much Team Edward tho I do like Jacob 2..so looking forward to BD ,think it will blow every one away

  • Ali

    Definitely has that Jacob vibe to it, in my opinion.  Maybe when he's needing to the leave the Cullens house quickly and just drives away…to get away.

  • Amanda

    I wa surprised when I found out there was no Muse since they have been on every other soundtrack but it is what it is but I just heard the Bruno Mars song and it's not bad! I think it will blend right in the movie. I think it might be a scene involving Jacob maybe during the reception while he was dancing with Bella and saying goodbye. And I'm excited to find out that flightless bird American mouth will be redone as a wedding version! Maybe that will be played during Bella and Edwards first dance together! I'm also excited to hear Christina Perri's contribution to the movie also! Overall, I think it will be a good soundtrack dispite the exclusions of Muse and Paramore

  • seachase

    cool song! It does have more of jacob vibe but who am i to say,  im not  the one making millions on these movies!  So i'll let them decide. I'm just waiting and waiting………………….

  • Moemoesbaby1113

    I think that this song will be when bella and.jacob are dancing at the wood line at bella and edwards wedding

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