Fan Art Feature: Breaking Dawn in drawings

Here is some great Breaking Dawn artwork that follows the story, accompanied with some recognizable tunes. Artwork by Anastasia Montihora.

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks to Abbie for sending in the link!

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    OMG, this is some amazing art.
    Ah, “Flightless Bird (American Mouth)”…I love that song. It's fun to play on the violin.

  • Iheartdebussy

    @4:16. i like that picture

  • Iheartdebussy

    I love the picture at 4:16.

  • Fleetfantasy

    Wow, that is amazing! Mind-blown, much?

  • Ashleybauche

    seriously…..WOW!!!!!!! Some of those pic are amazing! There ALL amazing! and Bloodly much? haha I wish I could draw like that


    DAMN you can draw that was incredible :)

  • Ashleybauche

    I just had to watch it again…i love 2:39

  • TeamSwitzerland74

    Amazing artwork!!! Love the wedding pics u drew. :D

  • Ebony Cropper

    omg they look so realistic just amazing they are so excited to see the new movie :)

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