EXCLUSIVE: Peter Facinelli celebrates 32 Days of Wonkaween!

Peter Facinelli is teaming up with Wonka, the makers of Laffy Taffy, Nerds, and SweeTARTS, to celebrate the 32 Days of Wonkaween. When Wonka celebrates Halloween, they need an extra day! In addition, Wonka is decorating Peter’s house Wonka-style for Halloween!  Wonka Facebook fans can play their new game for a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles or a new home theater!

We talked with Peter about getting Wonka-fied this Halloween, and why he got involved. We also chatted with him about  Breaking Dawn, Part 1. Check it all out below!


Team-Twilight: What made you want to team up with Wonka, and can you tell our fans what they’ll be doing with your house?

Peter Facinelli: Well, I love Halloween. It’s like my favorite holiday. And I get to have Halloween all year round, because in my career path I am playing characters all year round. So for me to be able to share that with my kids has always been fun. So when Wonka came and said “Hey, can we Wonka-fy your house and will you help launch this campaign?” I thought that sounds like a lot of fun. What they’re doing is basically running a campaign called “32 Days of Wonkaween.”  Instead of 31 days of October, they are creating 32. And on the 32nd day, you can trade in your candy at one of the Wonka shops, so if you don’t like your candy, you can go to the Wonka shop and trade up to 32 pieces of candy for Wonka candy.

I grew up in the world of Wonka with Nerds and LaffyTaffy and SweetTARTS, and we’re really excited to help bring that kind of experience to our kids and to spread the word to other people. Because Wonka’s all about wonder, and imagination, and fun, and that’s what I get to do in my career.

Besides the 32 days campaign, Wonka also has a game on Facebook. It’s a fun game where you get to find candy and can enter a sweepstakes where one family will win a trip to trick or treat in Tinseltown. They’ll win a whole trip to Los Angeles, and another family will win a $10,000 home entertainment room.

Halloween for me is all about family bonding and having fun with the kids.

TT: Were you ever afraid, like “What am I getting into,” having them redo your house Wonka-style?

PF: No, because I have about 7 boxes of Halloween stuff that I usually do myself, so when they said they were going to have a team do it, I was like “Great! I don’t have to go up on a ladder and hang lights? That sounds like fun to me!”

They are out there working with a whole team of people. I actually gave them the 7 boxes that I had, so they are mixing it in with their stuff, so it’s going to be like the ultimate Halloween house. Then, I’ll do a big Halloween party.

Last year we did a fun Halloween party. We actually dug shallow graves out and put skeletons in there. We had a haunted house where it was all pitch black. The kids would walk in and they’d put their hands in squishy things. Ghouls would come out and scare you. It was pretty fun!

TT: What is your favorite kind of costume to dress up in?

PF: I love homemade costumes,  or whenever someone uses their imagination, that’s fun for me. One year I did Little Red Riding Hood with my daughters, so I did Grandma Wolf, so I was like a cross-dressing wolf. I’m still trying to get the whole family to do one theme, but they always want to do something else. I almost had them one year where the three girls were going to be the Chipettes and I was going to be Dave. But that didn’t work. They always at the last minute want to change and do something different. Last year, I was the grim reaper. One year I was a Mummy and I lost all of my ravelings and ended up naked by the end of the night by accident.

TT: So do you have plans for this year’s costume?

PF: I’m thinking of being a fireman, but a burnt up one, like Fire Marshall Bill.

TT: If someone wanted to dress as Carlisle for Halloween, what are the key staples they need for their costume.

PF: Blonde wig, for sure. Pale skin, for sure. Golden eyes, stethoscope and a lab coat. And there you go.

TT: Have you watched the new trailer for Breaking Dawn?

PF: I have watched the new trailer. It was very exciting. I haven’t seen the movies yet, so I am kind of waiting patiently like all of the other fans.

TT: Which film has your favorite Carlisle hair?

PF: I have to say the first one because it was my own hair. If I had to pick out of the wigs, my favorite is the third one, Eclilpse. The fourth one and fifth one will be interesting, I have to say. I know they did it a little different, so I am waiting to see how it looks onscreen. Pictures always look a little different. So I’ll wait to see how it looks on screen before I weight my verdict.

TT: The soundtrack list for Breaking Dawn Part 1 came out today. Are you a fan of the styles of music that have appeared on the soundtracks?

PF: I have been known to listen to the soundtracks, which is kind of cheesy because they’ll be playing in my car, and I’ll get embarrassed, you know, because I’m in the movies. But  the music has been really good! I can’t deny that.

TT: Do you have a favorite Dr. Cullen moment in Part 1?

PF: Let me think… I really enjoyed dressing up for the wedding in the tuxedo. It was kind of fun. I got out of my sweaters for a minute. It was kind of fun watching everybody dress up for the wedding.

TT: We don’t get to see a lot of the wedding in the trailer, but we do see a glimpse and it’s fun to see everyone dressed up. It’s a celebratory moment, instead of how they are always on the defensive.

PF:  There’s always trouble troubled times for that family and for a little while, they get to sit back and actually celebrate.

TT: That doesn’t last too terribly long, but it would not be as interesting of a movie if it did, though. What do you think would have happened in the story if Dr. Cullen wasn’t a doctor? He pretty much saves Bella about 10 times throughout the series.

PF: I have no idea. I think if he was a lawyer, that wouldn’t have been very helpful. But I think that Edward does a pretty good job in the birthing scene without me. It’s kind of interesting, because, like any other doctor, they are never there when the birth comes.  They say they are going to be there, but they’re always on vacation somewhere. Carlisle is on the 9th hole playing golf when Bella was delivering.

TT: Fans are excited to see the delivery! What scene are you most excited for fans to see overall?

PF: I would still say the wedding. I haven’t seen the birthing scene, so until I see it all, I have to reserve my judgment on that one.

TT: Yes, you are just guessing just like I am.

PF: I mean, I only know the scenes I was in, and the one I would be most excited to see of the scenes I was in would be the wedding.

TT: I know most fans don’t have any real understanding of how filmmaking works, and that, even though you were on set, you don’t know how it’s going to look when it’s edited together.

PF: No, I am just like all of the other fans, waiting patiently!


Thanks to Peter for taking the time to talk with us and to Wonka for allowing us to be a part of their big Wonkaween news! You can read the FULL press release here, but following is a list of the Wonka stores taking part in the candy exchange on November 1!

The Arches at Deer Park Broadway at the Beach
1438 Arches Circle Deer Park 1211 Celebrity Circle #136
Long Island, NY 11729 Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
631-242-6040 843-916-1300
Universal Citywalk Valley Fair Mall
1000 Universal Center Dr. #120 2855 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Universal City, CA 91608 Santa Clara, CA 95050
818-506-5184 408-244-3200
Grapevine Mills Mall Scottsdale Quarter
3000 Grapevine Mills Pkw #513Y 15147 N Scottsdale Road #HI-165
Grapevine, TX 76051 Scottsdale, AZ 85254
972-874-5320 480-443-0342


  • Holly

    one of my favorite actors, representing Wonka…really can it get cooler than that? My FAVORITE movie of all time is the original Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, so I think this is awesome :)

  • Julytily

    love him! he's so nice!

  • shari

    He is just too cute!  Love him as he is and as Carlisle!  Can't wait for Halloween myself!

  • Alice Is Team Edward X x x

    love his happiness to talk to media so us fans have more to think about :) Also how much he likes spending Halloween with his kids is really cute :) Team Edward!! <3

  • ebby89

    hey my friend did a meet and greet with him she meet him and stuff yesterday witchwas  oct. 8th 2011!!!!!!!! she hugged him and sayed that he smelled like leather and hotness!!!??? lol :)

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