New Image of Rob, Kristen, and Taylor with Stephenie Meyer on the Set of “Eclipse”

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  • Alaniss_pryncess_13

    kristen looks like a little girl… so cute :D

  • Leah

    ohh rob and his glasses… hahahahha

  • http://twitter.com/MacieChunn macie chunn

    love it

  • Danie

    i love it!
    i cant wait!

  • StacyLynn

    Taylor Lautner, now that is a whole lot of man right there. He makes any women want to howl at the moon. Yup he is freaking delicious…..

  • tive

    i cant wait for breaking dawn to come out love the books

  • jenn

    i love you taylor

  • Pervez_talukder

    i love them………….lol

  • Pervez_talukder


  • Melski_24

    like your new photos…all lovely

  • Brendarogers1

    Just bought my 4 tickets for BD part 1 on November 17th ar 12:01 AM soooooooooooq excited!
    B Rogers

  • Appudps

    love them

  • Utsman_arif

    i like it……but i don't see the movie……

  • sanJi_xD

    ewwww :D :D

  • Rumomaya2


  • forevayoung

    just brought my tickets for the midnight premier on the Tweed…..the big countdown is on now…….sooooooooooooooooooooo excited…yeeeeeha

  • Anjali antony

    i love them all…rob really look like a vampire….i like them so much

  • Tino.B.

    can't wait!!!!

  • Natasha White

    I love them all been waiting for breaking dawn since they said it! <3 xxxx

  • angie

    They chose an awesome cast, that for sure! I can´t imagine other actors to do this rol….
    Stunning movie, definitely!

  • Karenbradbury

    soo jelouseit not overr here till nov x

  • Smriti1994

    i cried last night after completin the last chapter of breaking dawn ..coz it was the last of all…..its hard to accept that the series has ended :(

  • Swack9903

    How cool that must be to actually be able to have your picture taken with your dream. It would be like a little kid having their picture taken with a story book charater.

  • ~jessie

    Smexy man that I'd dig my claws into :P

  • Megangohl

    I love Taylor

  • Ummi78

    Looks gud, but its kinda sad that L.J Smith who wrote vampire diaries,which are also good books could have no input into the series based on her books but stephanie was able to have quite alot of input into hers. Shame! I love both authors but wish vampire diaries was made into movies too!

  • basma faraji

    iloveyou twiligt wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwweeeeeeeeeee

  • Yoda1180

    i like them as a seires they dont have to cut out as much so much goes on in just one book but i wish they would have stayed closer to the books really its like 2 compleatly different things just with a few of the same names

  • Yosweetness

    Teamtwilight love it

  • double_aa

    awww cute<3.

  • Krh0426

    I did too sssoooo excited

  • TJbear78

    sooooo cool kristen is so HOT

  • Turnerhalliwell

    je suis fan de twilight! lire et voir les films mon donner envi de revivre….

  • Turnerhalliwell

    je suis fan de twilight! lire et voir les films mon donner envi de revivre….

  • Teresapattinson13

    Rob and stephanie with kool sunglasses and kristen also taylor all together means twilght can't wait for Breaking Dawn part one and two.

  • Swenlongos

    wow nice picture…… i love it?

  • S_samiha

    Awww, Kristen looks adorable in the hat! Stephenie, you are an amazing woman.i adore you.Rob, it's not fair that you are so appealing, I wish there were more guys as hot, talented, handsome and sexy as you are, I love you! Taylor,well, yeah, you rock.

  • SarahMichalik

    robert looks really like a vampire !!!

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