Twilight Saga Movie Marathon from Cinemark

Get the details here! I’m definitely going to be doing my own little marathon before I go see Breaking Dawn as well! Get more info on Cinemark’s Twilight Saga Tuesdays as well!

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  • ae8103

    Waste of money

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    I would go, but the only showing in WA is in Federal Way, which is pretty far from where I live. :(

  • Ness_Oak

    Sooo disappointed that in Australia the cinemas are only showing eclipse before Breaking Dawn!! Would have loved to see them all back to back :-(

  • EffyCullen

    on My Cinema they are showing just New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, I´ll love they put TwilightAlso.!!!

  • NaomiRz19

    I want to see the Twilight Saga Movie Marathon, but my mom needs to see it first.

  • NaomiRz19

    Meaning like the post comment.

  • Abbie-Team-Edward x

    I've already booked my tickets for Breaking Dawn, though I can't see it until the 20th November. Ah, well. I'll probably watch all three movies at home, even though our cinema is doing a marathon too.

  • Madwomen10

    if you don't like twilight, don't bothering looking at this website or even this post.

  • ae8103

    wow your really a dumb ass person. Now maybe you should look at my comment again you slow ass cunt. Did I say anything bad a twilight nope. Don't come for me bitch because you will get slayed

  • Domesticprincess

    How can I find a Twilight Marathon down by Kennewick or Walla Walla

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