Robert Pattinson tops Glamour UK’s Sexiest Men List; Other Twi stars rank as well

WINNER: Robert Pattinson (2010’s Winner)

Age: 25
Single? Unless you’ve been hidden under a rock for the last two years, you’ll know Robert Pattinson’s rumoured to be dating his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart. However, neither of them have ever confirmed the relationship, so you never know, you might be in with a chance!
See Him Next: Rob is set to turn his hand to costume drama in Bel Ami, playing the “amoral” Georges Duroyalongside Uma Thurman, who stars as his lover. Oh yeah, and Twilight’s out in November!

No 2: Taylor Lautner (2010’s Runner-Up)

Age: 19
Single? Sadly this is one Twilight star who is off the market. Taylor has been dating the beautiful and talented Lily Collins (daughter of British singer Phil, no less) since November.
See Him Next: Check out Taylor’s on-screen chemistry with Lily as they appear together in action flick Abduction.

No 23: Kellan Lutz

Age: 26
Single? Yes, most definitely. The Twilight star split from 90210’sAnnaLynne McCord in May because of their busy work schedules. We’ll make time for you, Kellan!
See Him Next: As if you need another reason to watch it, Kellan will reprise his role as Emmett Cullen in Breaking Dawn: Part 1 in November. He’s also set to flex those muscles as Greek God Poseidon in Immortals, which is out the


No 34: Jamie Campbell Bower

Age: 22
Single? Sorry folks, Jamie’s Harry Potter co-star Bonnie Wright has cast her spell over this gorgeous star.
See Him Next: As Jace Wayland, alongside Lily Collins, in cult new book-to-film adaptation The Mortal Instruments.

See who else made the list here.

  • Tiffydsmith80

    he is the sexiest!!

  • ana ordoñez mota

    i like . . !!! pff!!! cuento los dias parq ir aber el estreno!!!

  • Disneygirl388

    YAY Robert won!!!!! i voted for him about 10 times soooooooo happy he's stunning!!!!!!!! =)

  • Alice Is Team Edward X x x

    Loving this list… Though i think Kellan should be higher :D Also much love for Jamie :D Team Edward!! x x

  • CullenComplex


  • ae8103

    This poll is pure bs because it's no way in hell that thing called rob looks better David Beckham or Ian from the vd. The only ones who voted for that thing was a bunch of 40 plus housewives. Old tricks.

  • Karolina Kremlackova

    Is Rob the sexiest??=of course

  • http://whatchalookinat-kl.blogspot.com/ KL☼ BD1♂ Csmpls♦ Ami♣ BD2♀

    Yeah? He should 'definitely' be in there…♥

  • Frkylilgrlk


  • http://whatchalookinat-kl.blogspot.com/ KL☼ BD1♂ Csmpls♦ Ami♣ BD2♀

    I love how even if it was just the sexiest MAN…Rob would still be on top! Here's hoping he does it again for 2011!! ♥ We're rootin' for ya, Rob…and Taylor, and Kellan, and Jamie…and Jackson next time, too! I'd even love to see Alex in there…☺

  • Sam Boy32

    it is allways a sexsiest person in whole world

  • Sam Boy32

    i love himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • KevinPearn

    o be dating his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart. However, neither of them have ever confir

  • KevinPearn

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WVERQTQ4FNBPV2T75MKAEWZWWU Jan

    you lot needs to grow up

  • Lou

    Robert always… He Is mt # 1 man.

  • Yudysumi


  • tina

    i will for robert

  • tina

    i like robert is sexy

  • Well…

    Any woman who doesn't think Rob is sexy has never glimpsed his personality. Or his jaw line. Or his face in general. Or his back muscles. I tell yuh, that headboard pic from Breaking Dawn alone, will win him the 2011 sexiest man.

  • Geckorose5

    love taylor

  • MichelleG

    Duh…it's a UK poll.  Why am I not surprised.  Those caterpillar eyebrows, cigarette stained teeth, crooked nose, and filthy,swearing mouth make him a real winner.  If it wasn't for the crazy fandom, he wouldn't be even on the list.

  • Valentina

    and jhonny deep is nothing of those things the dude is fucking nuts he acts like he s allways high and even he s kids says he sort of creepy and the choose him as the sexiest man alive  WTF !!!!!!!!! let me tell you the english mans have a better sex apeling then any other people i know … i am not saying it couse i am lil bit of british but they re the real Gentlemen are you his dentist that you know his teeth are stained … lmao  if you  dont like it dont coment sorry but is like you re one  what 7 million fans …..

  • I'mchokingonthehate

    Holy shit. I almost forgot how many haters this fandom has. It's just a poll. Taylor has won some and Rob has won…a lot. And just because you don't find him attractive, doesn't mean others don't. So, relax. This time around, people like him better. Get over it and stop raining on other people's parade. JFC..

  • Valesh17

    yes amen sista !!!

  • Reyna

    Where is Xavier Samuel !?!? :(

  • Emily Baran

    hell yeah kellan should be way higher!!!! but rob just rocks.!!! dam that guys eyes are just amazing!

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  • Alice Is Team Edward X x x

    MichlleG, I live in the UK and plenty of my friends are Taylor fans also. Robert Pattinson is a sexy person in many peoples eyes, mine included. If you are going to just criticise Twilight's leading man, and not contribute anything nice to read, why don't you go and moan else where. To each their own. Team Edward, Alice.

  • Lily Pattinson

    where is jasper and carlisle they should be there too.. team edward so happy that robert won!!!

  • jm cauliez

    i love  you robert pattinson !!  yahouuuu kellan lutz!!!

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