A ‘Breaking Dawn’ inspired Wedding Photoshoot

Stephie Joy photography created a Edward and Bella Breaking Dawn inspired photo shoot, and the results were AHHH-MAZING !!! Gorgeous simply gorgeous !

It’s finished!! I have been planning this editorial forever! Pretty much since I first read Breaking Dawn have I been wanting to see Bella and Edward get married….Last year I also did a fun twilight shoot just for kicks. And now I have finally completed Bella and Edward’s wedding! I will say it is “inspired” by the actual book characters, with some details from the 5 second movie trailer that came out in September. I had a blast planning all the little details that went into this editorial. Even using some pieces from my personal collections

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  • Team_Alice28

    Looooooooooove the dress but overall this is lame

  • Zelle

    OMG. so cute. :]

  • Xxkrystahalexx

    This is stupid, it's just a movie. 12 year olds aren't going to care about a wedding dress unless it's on Bella. Honestly, you wasted time and money. Everyone just watch the movie and shut up.

  • raindrop644


  • Vanny Bells

    OMG!!!! i can't wait anymore to see it!!!!

  • Lutricia Heller

    love the dress…but not the same people…so probably wont even watch it!

  • Andrianagibson15

    looooooooooooooooove the dress on yu bella a big fan tut

  • Shele_lynn_06


  • Bsbabe101

    she used models

  • Kellie_hunt

    The picture's aren't of Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattison, whats the point?

  • Ashort397

    Aw they shoulda actually had the wedding inside like in the books :

  • Fayth

    Lutricia…the photo shoot the author did was with her own people…Kristen and Rob are still playing the part of Edward and Bell in the movie…..ALL of the characters in the movies will still be played by the actors who have been playing them all along. This was something that the author of this page put together on her own……Not the real thing….Don't miss the movie…it's going to be the best one yet!!!!

  • Danielle

    The guy is ugly!

  • Techgirltheatre

    i think this is a beautiful set of photos and am so inspired…..thank you for the time you put into this beautiful display and i think it should become part of your port folio as an accent piece you could do for people getting married as a package…i would def. purchase a package like that !!

  • Wildfire

    I think people need to remember what their parents taught them as children, IF YOU CANT SAY SOMETHING NICE ABOUT SOMEONE AND THEIR OBVIOUS HARDWORK, SHUT YOUR MOUTH! I dont see you contributing anything to society except the ability to voice your unwanted rude opinions. The photos are beautiful. Use them in a portfolio.. Love love it and keep doing what you are doing.. Dont let the CHILDREN THROWING THEIR SUCKERS IN THE SAND DETER YOU FROM YOUR DEFINATE HARD WORK! IT IS GREAT TO SEE AMAZING TRUE FANS PUT SUCH AMAZING WORK INTO THEIR VISIONS!!!

  • Stairtripper

    Do people not realize this isnt actually from the movie? Its a vision the photographer got from reading the book and put together herself, with all the decorations, the actors and attire. Sheesh. I think it is absolutely stunning, fantastic job. I would have loved to of had pictures like these taken at my wedding !!

  • Mcdowellk18

    I liked this but it kinda ruined the whole Edward and Bella thing for the movie in November

  • Sungirl7184

    I think this is amazing! Who cares if Kristen and Rob aren't in it! You did a wonderful job!!!!

  • annoyed guest

    are you people serious?
    i am into photography myself and you people clearly don't realise the effort, skill, talent and attention to detail that is executed within this series.
    the set design is breath taking, aswell as the use of light and colour
    if you cant see past the looks of the actors, that they are not really edward and bella, then you clearly can't appreciate this as a masterpiece and obviously have very little imagination and creativity inside you.

  • twifan34

    Really? you really think they recast twilight. lmao

  • Nancyann21170

    very labor intensive  but very nice job i enjoyed seeing your vision and can't wait to  compare them to the movie version.  Great work and thank you for entertaining us and keeping us craving and looking for the new movie we are all craving.

  • Yurxmaswish

    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Screw what everyone else thinks. This is beautiful and elegant.

  • Stephie Joy Photography

    Thanks for your opinions…I loved making this editorial based on one of my favorite book series by the super talented author Stephenie Meyer. Sorry the real actors could make it to Jacksonville for the shoot. Lol. But I think Becca and Stephen did very well playing the parts of the book characters.

    As far as the set and other vendors that participated, it took at lot of time and effort and some skill to make this happen. Thank you for your compliments, those of you who appreciated my artistic vision. For everyone else…I hope you enjoy Breaking Dawn! <3 Stephie Joy.

  • Stephanie

    Thank you for your opinion.

  • Stephie Joy Photography

    I'm sorry you feel that I wasted my time and effort on this. But thank you for taking your time to view it. :)

  • Kat Z

    Absolutely Brilliant! The hard work paid off.  You have amazing vision and the photography is stunning.  I wish I had half your talent for artistic ability!

  • meadow

    I think these are breath-taking! You did an amazing job! The amount of time and work that you put into this is unbelievable and your vision is stunning. See, the best thing about making a book come to life yourself is that it's your vision, what your mind came up with when you read what the author wrote….point is, my Edward and Bella looked nothing like Rob and Kristen….just sayin! I applaud an amazing artist and her works, beautifully done Stephie Joy!!!

  • Mia

    These are not pictures from Breaking Dawn Part 1. This is an artist who has brought to life her vision of Edward and Bella's weeding.

  • Mia

    These are not pictures from Breaking Dawn Part 1. This is an artist who has brought to life her vision of Edward and Bella's weeding.

  • Mia

    These are not pictures from Breaking Dawn Part . This is an artist who has brought to life her vision of Edward and Bella's weeding.In no way is it associated with Summit Entertainments production.

  • Mia

    These are not pictures from Breaking Dawn Part . This is an artist who has brought to life her vision of Edward and Bella's weeding.In no way is it associated with Summit Entertainments production.

  • Vyserane1220

    Out of all that all u can say is the guy is ugly? Srsly? Get over it.

  • Kerry

    As a fellow Photographer, this is absolutely amazingly stunning. The thing I love about being a Photographer is the artistic ability that comes along with it.. Simply gorgeous. I am beyond ready to see this movie now.

  • Tora_hime

    These are absolutely stunning! They are actually bringing tears to my eyes! Everything (and the two models included) are beautiful!
    I wish my special say could be this amazing…if I ever get it.

  • Sunshinecrg1979

    These photos are beautiful!!  You have a knack for catching true beauty and innocence.  What I don't get is how other people feel the need to post ugly comments… they took the time to look through them, so something grabbed their eye!!  Kudos to you!!!

  • Guest Me

    love it! glad to see you used the book as inspiration rather than the movies as the movies dont do the characters justice.  Lovely breathtaking photos!! congrats!!!

  • Guest Me

    dont get how??? shes just used the book as inspiration….. its just someone elses ideas…

  • Dejected_pink_tigger

    I think all the photos beautiful. You have done a really good job :) and your an amazing photogragher :)

  • Jamiessober

    very beautiful pics.can not wait to see the movie!!

  • Sher

    I think it is beautiful.  Some very creative ideas drawn from pages in a book.  Keep up the good work.  Very Earthy, which is always a good thing.  I don't think any form of “Art” is a waste of time Stephie.  Don't listen to people who shouldn't be looking at this sort of thing in the first place.  Always haters, but for every one of those, there is someone like me who thinks you are amazing.  :)

  • Cathrine

    Awesome! Love It!

  • Guest

    It's soo beautiful! Great job!  :)

  • Becca (Bella model)

    WOW! Didn't realize the shoot had gotten so much feedback! How cool… people are seeing it all over the country. Glad I could contribute :)

  • zobella

    Wow I love the pictures, they capture the mood perfectly :-) was just wondering were you got the hair slide from because its beautiful :-)

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