‘Breaking Dawn’ honeymoon scene/Jacob & Cullens scene (now in better quality)

The same Breaking Dawn Part 1 Honeymoon scene that was shown at Comic Con in July has now been shown at the Sitges Film Festival, in much better quality, along with the clip of Jacob with the Cullens and the wolves. Head to about 2:30 for the honeymoon scene and 6:14 for the Jacob/Wolves scene Watch below:

YouTube Preview Image
  • Momma112009

    So excited to see this, I liked the first part it showed her face and more of her dress than the english version which I loved. I can't wait to see this movie I am just happy stuff is coming out about it no matter what the language. Besides  Rob Pattinson is HOT no matter what you do to his voice.

  • Irwingabrielle

    grrrrrrrrrr…..if i dont get to c it soon…..well, bad things man, bad things

  • Breaking Dawn

    Breaking Dawn
    My life there are times wish someone would bite me

  • twifan34

    who cares english or not. I'm loving it. Cant wait to see…… Team Edward 4eva

  • sexyangel

    Thank you! For sharing this with us! How cool that we got to see this before 11.18.11

  • CLStaten2

    OMG!! It's getting closer everyday. Love the new stuff. I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!!!!!

  • Lolann

    WOW!!! at a lost for words….but here goes…hee hee thatwasthegreatestever!!!!icannotwaitwehavenotseenthisintheUSandLOVEITLOVEITLOVEITLOVEITthehoneymoonsceneissoclosetothebookversionhopetherestis!!!november18cannotcomesoonenoughagainLOVEITLOVEITLOVEIT…if you couldn't tell by my rant i am totally excited beyond belief and thank you so much for sharing this Happy Breaking Dawn everyone :)

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    Somebody hold me! I saw the infamous nightgown. Holy cheese.

  • Gina

    looks really great cant wait thanks for showing it

  • Caseycoleman14


  • Dimpledcheeks

    Omg the whole ” Jacob will take care of it, cuz its he whom they trust” so not happened .. omg its the last book couldn't they keep to what was in the book ???? Is it too much to ask, apparently so

  • kali price

    all jacob is trying to do is protect bella because he loves her that is all he is doing

  • sylvie49300

    Merci même si l'image est pas cadrée et que la langue change. encore plus envie de le voir !

  • Tish

    Omg!!!! Can't wait! Edward your giving my chills! Grrrrr

  • Emmameek

    Cant wait to see this Film be waiting for months :) Team EDWARD

  • jacksonsmonkey

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop complaining ..you know that you will go see it anyway , and in the end it won't matter what they used from the book and what they didn't use ….just as long as you see it ….go back to the book if you want it to be 100% the role they gave Jacob in this one lets him be more of a man than a little boy …..go for it Taylor …

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