Help Twilight Fans for Shy Wolves Raise Awareness for The Shy Wolf Sanctuary

The Shy Wolf Sanctuary is a non-profit organization for abused and neglected wolves and wolf dogs. It is also home to several other exotic animals. Their goal is to create a safe haven for all of these animals and to help educate the public.

Please help spread the word about Twilight Fans for Shy Wolves, a campaign to benefit the Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples, FL. They are not only trying to raise money for the sanctuary, which is home to over 30 wolves and wolf dogs as well as several other exotic animals, but they are also trying to educate fans and others about wolves. The sanctuary is run only by donations and volunteers. They will be doing a public event in Ft.Myers, FL as well as an online auction.

For more information, please visit their website or Twitter.


  • Tamara

    I live in Naples! I love Shy Wolf! I'm glad to see a spread in the word!

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