Fan Art Feature: Win an original piece of Twilight-inspired art work

This week’s fan art comes to us from Liane Shavian, who has a really interesting and artistic take on the Twilight characters and story. She is giving away some of her art in celebration of the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1, in theaters on November 18. Head over HERE for details on the prizes and how to enter! Good luck!

Modern Painters December 2010: “Liane Shavian’s vibrant new pop art collection is playful and poetic with a painterly articulate perspective on the cult of celebrity. Delving beneath the glossy surface of airbrushed public personae, her quirky portrayals of celebrity icons as genuine people offer the viewer some serious fun.”

  • Kristie

    I would love to win this : )

  • karen

    would love to win one these for daughter :) :)

  • Sharonlbeckner


  • Ehhhh….

    If it hadn't said it was Twilight, I would never have known.

  • Joelyn Carter

    these are as equally fucking scary as they are ugly, my 6 year old can draw just like that. if we can make money off of drawing like shit wouldnt everyone be rich? I am pissed off.

  • Bttrflykisse93

    yeah thats absoulty terrible im not sure who would want those.

  • Kayla

    In the first one it looks like her boob is showing

  • Pottercb

    Don't let negative energy comments stop you. These are called P O P art people, they are great!!!

  • Cof_6669

    These are hideous! Stephanie Meyer should be offended that these ugly ass paintings are being compared to her wonderful series.

  • Andie

    What exactly is Twilight about them? She just seems to be using Twilight as a way to make money. For shame!

  • Alice Is Team Edward X x x

    I think that is really rude. They aren't exactly to my taste but art is not meant to be predictable. Though I will agree her series is amazing, I don't think she will mind people dedicating time and energy into showing their love for it, in their own unique way. Just my opinion.. Team Edward x

  • Isabella Booland

    i think it's hidious, but who am i?
    maybe it is good, i don't know a lot about art.
    but it's kind of a beautiful painting but it has nothing to do with TWILIGHT it don't even look like them
    i don't like it but it is a good painthing but it really doesn't
    look like anything about twilightit's a pretty picture if you just createdbut you really do not see that it has something to do with twilight so now i knowthat it's the people of twilight, i find it ugly becouse it doesn't seem otherwise i  liked it.
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  • Gyleches

    The bottom one looks like The Mummy and Frankenstein's Monster lol.

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