Was Kristen Stewart injured on the set of ‘Snow White?’

One of Kristen Stewart’s co-stars in Snow White and the Huntsman, Max Manganello tweeted today that filming had wrapped early for the day because Kristen had been injured on set. Fear not as he clarifies that it’s not anything too serious. No word on what the injury was, but it sounds like they are back to work on Friday!


Via E! Online (Thanks to Marisa & Gavin for the tip!)

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    Poor Kris…She keeps injuring herself. :( There was twisting her ankle on the set of New Moon, a wrist injury on the set of Breaking Dawn, and leg injuries on the set of Welcome To The Rileys too. It's never fun when a Twilight star –  or ANYONE, for that matter — gets hurt.

  • godsgirl31400

    Poor Kristen lol

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