Carmona New York Porcelain Dinnerware Featured in Twilight’s Breaking Dawn

Carmona New York has recently partnered with Summit Entertainment in connection with the highly anticipated release of the studio’s THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 1. Carmona’s porcelain dinnerware sets the table in the most anticipated scene of the series, Edward and Bella’s wedding reception.

Owner and designer, Tammy Polatsek, custom-crafted the white asymmetrical plates, cups, and saucers especially for the wedding scene in order to bring the same simple elegance to this event that her pieces add to every occasion. Tammy also used her event planning expertise to create and provide the floral arrangements for the wedding. Her designs create a whimsical atmosphere, enhancing this scene’s Mid-Summer Night’s Dream-like quality for the audience.

Tammy is thrilled to be included in such an important moment in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 1, and now you too can purchase a set of two place settings of the Twilight by Carmona New York dinnerware  used on the tables at Edward and Bella’s wedding reception.

With THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 1 coming to theaters November 18th, this set is the perfect gift for any Twilight Saga fan. Take a piece of the film home with you for the holidays in a perfectly packaged set of Edward and Bella’s wedding dishware!

  • Angel

    it looks plastic to me

  • Samantha Hardy85


  • M The Ruck

    shit this movie take my mind

  • Laura

    When will the collection be available?

  • Annette

    ok, so we can buy it but where from?  I have been to Tammy's website and can't find it, so where do I get it from?  LINK please…..

  • Nurse_whitney

    are they going to be selling the sheets that they used the night of the wedding? i might be interested. lol

  • Sparkler2722

    When will this collection be for sale? I love the elegant shapes. It is not on the website.

  • Michele

    I saw on another site that it would be posted on their site on Friday.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ProudArmyAunt Christina M Becker

    I would buy this set for holiday and special dinners!  It's absolutely beautiful!

  • Courtneymoon27

    I'm sorry but thinis the ugliest dinner ware ever. It's just very much blah. Simple is nice but that us just blah expected more especially with this Movie. That's just my opinion. :)

  • Andilee

    It looks like tupperware….. UGLY

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_253ALN7AS45GXMLA2VI6WC23GY Melisa Prince

    lol!! im with you on that one!!!

  • Andie

    It looks nice set on the table, but on its own its boring.

  • Draven 1024

    Well, you know you're a crazy twilight fan when you want the DINNER WARE from their wedding… Whats next!? (Seriously I want to know I might want it)

  • Amanda

    Seriously dinnerware now?

  • Mindy

    One no offense to the company, but these are hideous.
    Two why the h*** would you buy something just because its in a movie, especially a dinner set. 
     Sounds like an interesting conversation: “I like your dinnerware.” “Yeah its the same thing they used at Bella and Edward's wedding. Like seriously who the h*** cares.
    People wont know, even some who do like Twilight.
    I like Twilight, but some of the stuff is ridiculous.

  • http://twitter.com/Elev8official Elev8

    People will buy these. they will likely sell right off  the shelf.

  • Tnbuckeye2001

    It looks just like the Flintstone Collection on the Carmona website!!


    Love the unique design of the plates! The price is actually quite reasonable for a porcelain dinnerware set. I shopped around and found a very good deal on them. They look great on the table and I can't wait to use them!

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