Maggie Grace, Kristen Stewart, and Ashley Greene on Ask Men UK Top 99 Women List

Maggie Grace, Kristen Stewart, and Ashley Greene have all made it on Ask Men UK Top 99 Women list. Ashley is listed at 59, Kristen at 90, and Maggie at 94.

Maggie Grace:

Who would have guessed that, of all the castaways on ABC’s mind-bending smash Lost, the whiny brat Shannon Rutherford would be the first to make the successful transition to the big screen? Credit Maggie Grace, the statuesque head turner who made the most of playing the least sympathetic character on one of the past decade’s most popular shows. Since being killed off in Lost’s season two, Grace has starred in the films Taken, Knight and Day and Faster. It’s true that none of her post-Lost projects have attained the same kind of popularity as that revered show, but Grace’s luck is about to change, as she takes on the role of the Bella-baiting vampire Irina in the final two installments of the Twilight franchise, due in 2011. If Maggie Grace thought Lost fans were passionate, she ain’t seen nothing yet.

Kristen Stewart:

It’s hard to believe that Kristen Stewart knew just how huge the Twilight book series was when she accepted the role of Bella Swan, the morose heroine at the heart of the absurdly popular vampire-romance franchise. A more reluctant movie star we have not seen. Since the first Twilight film grossed the equivalent of a small country’s GNP at the box office — transforming its cast of unknowns into global superstars — Stewart has shown an aversion to public appearances of any kind and an awkwardness with fame and attention that’s sometimes painful to watch. Luckily for her, the rebellious tomboy need only get through next year, when the release of the final two Twilight films will once again throw her into the crosshairs of the paparazzi (and the admirers of her rumored boyfriend, Robert Pattinson). After that, it’s quirky indies and prestige psychodramas from there on out!

Ashley Greene:

Since breaking out as Alice Cullen in that little-film-that-could, Twilight (and its subsequent sequels), Ashley Greene has been trying to emerge from the shadows of her far more famous costars — Kristen Stewart in particular. Like a teenage girl acting out against her older, prettier, more successful sister (although in this case, which one of the two is more attractive is up for debate), Greene has been doing anything for attention, good or bad. After nude photos of the actress were accidentally leaked in 2009, Greene voluntarily posed in nothing but body paint for a series of SoBe advertisements that appeared in Sports Illustrated’s most recent Swimsuit Issue. (Hey, we’re not complaining.) Then she started dating Joe Jonas and has been a tabloid fixture ever since, while Stewart continues to recoil from the spotlight. 2011 will see Greene attempt to parlay her growing fame into a genuine movie career, with roles in LOL, The Apparition and, of course, the final two Twilight films. But if impending superstardom means no more nude photo shoots, then Ashley, we hope you fail. Miserably.

Source: Ask Men UK

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