ClevverTV talks to Jackson Rathbone about Aim High, Breaking Dawn, and hair!

Jackson Rathbone told ClevverTV that he is very happy with Breaking Dawn, Part 1, and he also mentions that he was excited to see “my lady” Ashley get to be dolled up for the wedding scenes!

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We DID notice your hair, Jackson!!

  • http://whatchalookinat-kl.blogspot.com/ KL☼ BD1♂ Csmpls♦ Ami? BD2♀

    OMJ…that sexy voice of his!!! And his smile…♥ “My lady,” how adroable, Jackson!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Awilson_tweets The One Who Follows

    He is a doll!!! Handsome and with a voice that sends chills down to the special parts of a woman's body ;)

  • CullenLover626

    HE IS ADORABLE!!! He is such a gentleman!! The way he talked about Ashley was so sweet! 'My Lady'! What would we do without Jackson and his sexy voice! AHH!

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