‘New Moon’ book spotted in Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe” video

I have to give some major credit to whoever spotted this over at Twilight Fans Ecuador. In the new video “Mistletoe” from Justin Bieber, an open copy of the book New Moon. Click the image to enlarge and see for yourself!

See it for yourself at about 1:53 in the video below.

YouTube Preview Image
  • Lisa

    pages 212-213.

  • Xo__laura__ox

    its weird because i had a strong gut feeling it was and i was thinking “watch that be a twilight book”

  • just me

    good grief… how on earth did he/she catch that…. now that I know I can make out some words (mainly 'Bella' on the left page does it) But a huge amount of RESPECT!!!!!

  • erin.a

    i can see ''jacob black'' on the left page near ''bella''

  • http://twitter.com/Magicgirl170 Magicgirl170

    its page 212 when they r at the movies(bella, jacob and mike)

  • team<3 edward forever


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