Live acoustic performance of Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’

Self-proclaimed Twihard Christina Perri performs her single “A Thousand Years” from the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack. It’s her first live performance of the song! Beautiful.

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I don’t know about you, but I think her love of the characters and knowledge of the story is why she probably why her song is so perfect, and hence how she was chosen for the soundtrack. Congrats Christina!

Purchase the song on iTunes here and on Amazon here.


  • Ellieb0514

    i love it!!!

  • RoxxiLevy

    Proofreading: make her your friend.

  • Cindy Rezandy

    ilike it….love it…..

  • viceva

    perfect for the movie and congrats for ur first preformence of this

  • Robin

    Oh. My Groceries!!! I LOVE this!! I can't wait for the movie and this makes me want it even more!!

  • Adptcrew

    very pretty

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    I don't like the song, but she has a beautiful voice. She sounds sorta like Colbie Calliat.

  • Noni

    i love 
    i love
    i love 
    this song i think i total represents edward and Bella i cant stop listen to this song 
    so in love with this song 
    thank u 
    Christina Perriand thank u twilight cast and fans we will always find away  and the time for twilight well never stop loving twilight , think about like i said we will always,always find away for twilight so think u Stephanie Meyers the author  , Kristen stwert , Robert pattsion , Taylor luathner , Ashley greene, Nikki reed,klutz, i could go on but i don't have any more typing space



  • Scooby_dooby_doo42

    this is an amazing song i love it :)

  • Yoldine


  • babie_luv420

    i like the song….i think it is so a song for edward and bella….
      [he has been waiting a hundred years for her....so yea, the song fits]

  • Angeliclife07

    I was at the event that she preformed this at and she was awesome! The song is perfect for Bella and Edward. I love it!!

  • Karennacis

    im so inspired to this music.. fit to bella and edward

  • 2sad2cry4now

    Love the Twilight Books & Movies!! ~ Great song & beautiful voice!! ~ Can't wait to see the movie!!!

  • Nickey

    Love love love it! That is just gorgeous!

  • Nickey

    Its stuck in my head. :-)

  • Elizabeth B.

    This beautiful song so reflects the relationship between Edward and Bella but it also reminds me so much of the day I married my sweet DH. Thank you Christina for loving the books and movies and writing this song for the movie and  fans.. <3

  • Twilstrup

    But – he's only 110 years old….

  • Alice Is Team Edward X x x

    It is so beautiful. The video for it, not this one, but with all the book covers is amazing. I love her enthusiasm. :D C'mon November 18th! Team Edward!! X x

  • Riyashukla<3

    hmmm….i agree with u…..i just luv all of the people who have ever been connected to twilight in any way…all the readers ,actors,musicians,people making the movie…..even the fans…..<3 u all…sometimes feel whatif stephnie had never had that dream what course the fate would have taken for vampire world…..=P

  • Littlered1_13_1991

    personally, im a huge twilight fan i have already bought my tickets for the new movie but this song really does not make sense and i really dont like it but she has a beautiful voice. but they could have picked a better song.

  • lizzie

    i love it, is so beautiful

  • Brooky

    Omg! Im totally using this for our wedding! We already stole Flightless Bird American Mouth lol! This song us beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  • Romneygirl

    She has a pretty voice…. but I don't think she captured the depth of the love between Edward and Bella… their love story is the Romeo and Juliet of our time!

  • Donnab

    This song is amazing! I cant stop listening to it! It is absolutely perfect for Edward and Bellas wedding march!! If you listen you can  pick what parts are what Edward is thinking and the parts that would be Bella's thoughts!  Thank you Christina Perri for loving Twilight as much as I do and sharing your beautiful talent with us. You have truly captured the essence of Edward and Bellas love for one another!

  • Kstorm21

    Am I the only one that wants more books??? I want the series to continue! I just can't stop reading the books.

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