Exclusive: Breaking Dawn alpha wolf Chaske Spencer talks wolf pack, jean shorts, and more!

We recently had a chance to ask Chaske Spencer a few questions about his current projects, including Breaking Dawn! See what he has to say about the changes that happen to the wolf pack in Breaking Dawn, saying good bye to the jean shorts and more. He also talks about his film Winter in the Blood, and the latest on his charitable involvement with Be the Shift.


Team Twilight: A lot of changes happen in the tribe in “Breaking Dawn”. Jacob steps up as Alpha but Sam is still Alpha, too, so you have to separate. How do you think Sam handles those changes?

Chaske Spencer: He handles them as he sees fit, it’s a hard transition for Sam.

TT: Have you had the chance to seen Breaking Dawn Part 1?

CS: No but I am very excited!!!

TT:  Did you and the other wolf-pack members commemorate the ending of filming by doing anything special with your cutoff jean shorts?

CS: No, the studio kept them, maybe someday they will memorialized (laughs).

TT: I know you have rallied the fans to get behind “Winter in the Blood” and show their support to get it made. What is it about this particular project that inspires you? Can you tell us anything about the general story?

CS: It’s a departure from the roles that I usually play, it’s a project that I feel very passionately about. It’s about a young man Virgil and the story follows his tribulations into adulthood. It’s a very deep piece and I am proud to be a part of it.

TT:  You worked again with Gil Birmingham on “Shouting Secrets” and Julia Jones will be in “Winter in the Blood” with you.  Is it difficult to leave previous roles behind and develop a new rapport with the same actors? Does it help starting new projects since you already have a history of a working relationship?

CS: It helps a lot to work with actors that you know and trust. There is a lot of freedom to collaborate and I find you get great results from knowing each other so well.

TT:  Whose career would you hope to emulate?

CS: James Cagney.

TT:  Taylor Lautner has focused on action roles following Twilight such as Abduction. Did you check out that film? Are action roles something you would consider in the future?

CS: No, I haven’t seen it yet. If the script is right, absolutely

TT: Do you have any interest in getting behind the camera? You started out in the New York theater scene. Is that something that you’d like to get back to?

CS:Of course, I would love to do some more theatre. I would love to direct someday.

TT:  Can you give us an update with what’s going on with Be The Shift right now? Have you been able to see change happening as a result of the organization and your involvement?

CS: Yes, look at the occupy wall street movement, it’s an example of Be The Shift in action.


Interview conducted by Lindsay

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