Win tickets to advance screenings of Breaking Dawn from iVillage!

iVillage is giving away over 1500 tickets for fans of the Twilight Saga to attend an advance screening of “Breaking Dawn – Part 1” in New York City, Chicago, or Atlanta, taking place the evening of November 17!  To enter, just click here for the sweepstakes entry form.  Plus, one lucky grand prize winner and their guest will receive a trip to New York City to attend an advance screening there.  The trip includes round-trip airfare, accommodations, and tickets to the show!

Also, join the Ultimate Twilight Saga Fan Challenge, and count down until the big day approaches, with daily emails delivering trivia quizzes, movie facts, previews of scenes, and juicy photo galleries of the film’s hottest actors, including Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.


  • Gatorapril16

    I can't wait to see the Breaking Dawn I have seen all the ads on t.v. shows team edward all the way he will win

  • Hdanafate

    wow..jacob your really hot,hot,hot!!!

  • christine coleman

    Im 48 and love all the books and movies.i haven't missed a book or movie and Ive read the series 3 times.i want too see the next movie but i think taken it and splitting it will not due as great as all the other movies. I would give any thing to see it in NY that would be a great day in my life. i know the age gap is long but me and my daughter read it all its are time togeather. The last movie i bought 10 tickets for my whole family night out

  • Alice Is Team Edward X x x

    Yet another amazing competition, but I live in England and that makes a trip to America's New York, quite expensive / impractical… Wish they would do these in the UK!! November 18th, HURRY UP!!!!!!! Team Edward!! X x

  • tamara Kuriger

    My daughter's won't this so bad for their birthday's one will be turning 21 this year. It would be the best thing ever.

  • Diane

    The reason I would love to be  Prt of this adventure is becuase it is a happy adventures in our lives no matter how silly some may act.When you face bills , underpay,family problems …….its nice to have something you can engulf yourself it and in that little while. you are sitting in a room full of friends. doing something that will go down in history as amazing.  AND YOU WERE THERE.

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