Details on the Flashmob Dance on the Set of “Breaking Dawn”

Okay, I cannot wait to hopefully see footage of this!

Word on the street was that filming on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn was interrupted by a pre-meditated prank, pulled on Condon, by nearly his entire cast — a choreographed dance-off that took the director by surprise in the middle of a key battle scene.

“It was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen,” Condon told Movieline. He explained how it all happened.

“In that second movie, as you know from the book, a half-hour of it takes place in this one location, this one field,” Condon said. “We shot there for, when you include the second unit, a couple of months — but the first unit was there for many weeks.”

“When we came to the last, widest shot, with 80 vampires on one side and 27 vampires on the other, I’m sitting up the ladder and suddenly you hear this music — ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).’ And the Cullen side starts this incredible, West Side Story-kind of rumble. The other vampires then start to dance back. It was unbelievably big.”

Who was responsible for the vampire dance-off? “I know Myanna Buring was behind it, and Lee Pace,” Condon said. “There were a couple of others. I should figure out exactly who. But they kept it a secret! They rehearsed this number for a week, and kept it a secret. It was so great.”

Luckily, Condon adds, “there was a lot of B-camera rolling.” There’s a very good chance it’ll make it onto the eventual Breaking Dawn DVD/Blu-ray, but there’s just one catch: It’s part of Breaking DawnPart Two, which brings the saga to a close on November 16, 2012 — which means it could be over a year until the footage sees the light of day on home video.


  • I<3Headboards

    all I have to say is I hope it on the DVD lol

  • CullenLover626

    I so hope we get to see this!! lol! That would be awesome!!!!

  • Guest

    PUL-LEEZ let it be on the DVD.

  • Alllaboutspark

    omg that would priceless to see! poor director

  • Mwah

    ugh, that'd be almost a year and a half until we get to see it…blahh..

  • Isabellemilson

    Be cool if it were to be on the blu ray

  • Greenlight

    LOL that would be great to see.

  • StacieMariee

    I hope we can see this! It'll be so amazingg!!!!

  • Leah


  • Mrs. Pino

    omg that would be really funny to see I hope we get to see this but to wait another year is so not even fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Discovr4me

    I really want to see that… I hope it's on the DVD!

  • Shirley

    They HAVE to show this on the DVD.  Just the images that come to mind, while they are all in vampire costume!  Please TPTB, include the footage….. 


  • Debbie

    I'd like to know…. DID ROB DANCE?! LOL

  • Kyle Suzanne Drum

    OMG Please, please pray they include the footage in the DVD!! I really just have to see this one!!!

  • Felicia

    OMG Hahahaha this better make out to the dvd because that is gonna be so hilarious! I can't wait to see that!! Sucks wer have to wait a year or possibly more tho!
    <3 Team Switzerland <3

  • pokmafunny

    funny the film finished filming 6 months ago and this is the first heard of this flash dance, would be good to see but i don't think it happened

  • Kelseyrose2013

    Put it as a feature on the DVD the whole thing pleaseee

  • http://twitter.com/MadHarlequinn Miraelda Watkins

    *drops dead* Omg, that would be friggin hilarious to see.  Oh, wow if I had only been there to actually watch it unfold.  That is so funny and cute.  And to have everyone in the cast be up for it and rehearse for a week? I can't wait to see it!

  • Linda Ward

    Couldn't they show it or leak it to youtube?

  • louanne61

    Myanna Spoke about that on twitter I hope we get to see it.

  • http://twitter.com/AutumMuse Dianne

    OMG.  I hope they include it in the outtakes!!!

  • amzyangel92


  • Annakristinapineda27

    I want to watch it also!!! I wanna see Rob dance..:)

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