Coming up: Our COUNTDOWN TO BREAKING DAWN giveaway series

Tomorrow we’ll be kicking off our Countdown to Breaking Dawn giveaway series! Several items have been donated and I have purchased various others to serve as some great prizes. Stay tuned EVERY day through the 18th, the day Breaking Dawn hits theaters here in the US, to see what you might when.

Most of the prizes will be available internationally, with only a few limited for shipping purposes. Keep an eye on how to enter because some will be on our page, some will be on Twitter, etc.

Thanks to Cohen for making us the graphic. This is going to be fun! Who’s excited??

  • Michellie

    Whoop-Whoop! Can't wait!?

  • Vampire Maniac

    Yay! Now this is something ill be keeping my eye on haha

  • http://twitter.com/THUNDERCAT36 Tanaisha Hargrove

    I'm n LOVE w the Twilight Saga!!!! Can't wait to purchase the set!!!

  • Harley

    Ahhh im super excited!

  • Sandycat53

    I just cannot wait for breaking dawn have my tickets booked, roll on the 18th ! so wish i could meet rob, i may be 58 but does not mean i cannot enjoy a beautiful romance such as the twilight saga!

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