Twilight Saga Tuesdays start on November 1st, catch all your favorite Twilight movies on the big screen!

With the release of Breaking Dawn Part I just around the corner,  take a trip down Twilight memory lane, by participating in Twilight Saga Tuesdays.  Starting tomorrow 11/1/11 you can watch a showing of Twilight, followed by a screening of New Moon on 11/8/11, then Eclipse on 11/15/11.

All the showings will play exclusive never before seen content before the screening event, so they are not to be missed by any fan!

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For a list of the participating theaters, click HERE

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  • ae8103

    Why pay money for something you can watch for free at home.

  • G Gloster

    i don't mean to sound stupid but are they screening in england??

  • Motheroftwo1981

    my EXACT words to my fellow twihards!

  • Fireice_eyes

    I would love to go but can't!! Plus i dont think its fair that our normal cost for a movie is $8.75 and the cost for these is$12.50 each!! Thats not right!!

  • jessica Samantha

    omg i could go to the library and het the dvd for free and put it in my dvd player or cumputer ppl these dayd hmmm watch them get like 2 ppl ha ha lol D E A D

  • team3dwardforever

    i wus thinkin same thing but idk sounds exciting to go watch films b4 breaking dawn in movies lol

  • Tracy

    Some places are showing the other films.  My local cineworld is hosting a 'twiatholon' where they are showing all four movies in one evening…

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