COUNTDOWN TO BREAKING DAWN giveaway: Breaking Dawn Inspired Bracelet

For DAY THREE of our Countdown to Breaking Dawn giveaway, we will be giving away a Breaking Dawn inspired bracelet!


The bracelet, created by Inspired by Twilight, was provided by Mary Ting for the giveaway. Mary is the author of the book Crossroads, which we gave away as a prize to a lucky winner a few months back.



  • Lizard13090

    I would love to give it to my daughter who loves the twilight series

  • Aida

    I am a FANATIC when it comes to TWILIGHT. Why must it come to the END. Stephanie Meyer should continue writing other books regarding TWILIGHT SAGA because we need to know what happens with Renesmee and Jacob. How would this come to play? The bracelet is just beautiful and my granddaughter who is 7 years old would just love to wear it and show her class mates that she is a TWILIGHT FAN.

  • Danniegurl_721

    hey there, the moment I saw the bracelet I fell inloved with it. Thanks and I really appreciate it If I won it and I'll love to wear it everytime esp. whenever I'm sleeping so in my dreams I can be part of cullen family. Dreamin' is just free no contest needed…

  • bbycks654

    It is pretty. I wonder who is going to win it.

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