Exclusive photos: Robert Pattinson at Breaking Dawn press conference

Here are some of the MANY photos of Robert Pattinson that were taken by Angie at the Breaking Dawn press conference today.

  • Aurinko

    I LOVE his smile! Can't help but grin when I see pics like that… :-)

  • robert lover

    i luv you, cant wait 4 d movie

  • Valesh17

    lol i do to  !!  he and Kristen are gorgeous …

  • TwiMomTo1+3

    What a fun series.  He is very expressive!

  • Plinebar

    love his eyes , smile, and voice, Team Edward!!!!!!

  • Laurie

    I wonder why he is still so short-haired!

  • bud

    cant wait for the movie

  • laurie

    Already booked tickets for Breaking Dawn for Friday 18th !!!!

  • M_griffin_0876

    such a sweet dude u and kristen rock. u gonna blow us away with yalls breaking dawn movie i read the book omg its such a banging book . im already getting ready to see the movie.

  • Saklasar

    I love him.He's so sweet!!!!

  • Kgirlroxxxzzz

    Hot! That is the only word to xplain him!!! I am IN LOVE with the series!!! Midnight showing for MEEEEE!!!!!

  • Marzena1110

    I love his laugh shy

  • Lisy


  • Oohlaalaa

    he is sooooooo dreamy :)

  • Ann Jackson

    Now there's that smile I've been missing. Love his sense of humor and his laugh. I'm sure it's more of a british schooling thing but I love his vocabulary and choice of adjectives and phrasing. It sounds more intelligent, charming and definitely very sexy to me. I think we've got one fun ride ahead of us on Nov 18th!!

  • JALS_25

    wooh british people rock!

  • Guest

    he is PERFECT!I love him!<3

  • Little_lola1988

    Everything about him is gorgeous. His eyes his smile and his body are all dreamy

  • Linneaalicesofia

    I love you Robb You're my life now <3 <3

  • SofiaNicoleRobertLover

    You are the first ever person who really touched my heart Rob. Team Edward From the Start, And until the end of time. But my love for you Robert, Is FOREVER.

  • Carlamoreiramarques

    He is :-) perfect

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