Taylor Lautner on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno- Nov. 2

Don’t forget to tune into Jay Leno again tonight to watch Kristen Stewart!

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  • Marzena1110


  • June_roose2006

    O My GOD He Is Incredible

  • Decron04

    boooring this guy have to learn speaking.and he is very ugly

  • lilmiss

    you are disgusting…

  • Mrs.Fanzz

    you only say people are ugly because you are jealous of something they have … he is a very  handsome man … and a very good actor

  • Alice Is Team Edward X x x

    I could literally cry.. “No fights.”… and they are so thirsty..So excited.. Oh I am so excited for this… I love Twilight… Taylor was so sweet in his interview.. Love him! Team Edward!! X x

  • Ginny Buhanan

    seriously??  His language skills are fine….and unless you're blind…He's FRIKKEN HOT !!!  You, on the other hand, may want to brush up on your spelling and grammar :)

  • Asla_cjralways

    love it

  • Jennifer Jane

    Taylor is a fine young man…well mannered and behave exactly his age but with so much maturity in his respond and playful…well done Taylor!!!

  • Denise Cochrane

    Go Team Taylor!!  Great interview!  He's a fine young man.

  • Blondesparkles7

    Luv Him!!!! Taylor Is Absolutely The Best At Everything!!! Very GQ!!!!

  • It's Me ;)

    U are  HATER!!!
    Maybe u are UGLY that's why you would post such NONSENSE!!!!

  • Mrs. Lautner

    I wish I could meet a guy like him :)
    He is SO handsome!!!!
    Gosh…the world needs more guys like him.

  • Sueanndavid87

    wow lol

  • Ebelay1

    He is a good looking  young man but a little bit bothered in  pretend to be perfect. But he is not!

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