Producer Wyck Godfrey reveals Taylor Lautner passed on ‘Goliath’ role

We reported a while back about a rumor that Taylor Lautner might play David opposite Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Goliath but producer Wyck Godfrey (who you’ll also recognize as producer of The Twilight Saga says that Taylor has passed on the role. From Collider.

Wasn’t Taylor Lautner going to play David in that?

GODFREY: Taylor was going to star in it. I was this close, but ultimately I think he felt like, “Maybe I wanna do something else.” I don’t know exactly why he’s not doing it. But, my imagining is that he thought, “I’m going to stay contemporary, instead of going back to Biblical times.”

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    Kind of glad Taylor turned this down.  Like that he will be doing an indie film next.

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