‘SayWhatNews’ Interview with Andrea Gabriel (Kebi)

SayWhatNews did this great interview with Andrea Gabriel who will play Kebi in Breaking Dawn Part 2. They cover a lot of subjects including how she got the role of Kebi and her previous meeting with Rob years ago!

SayWhatNews: Andrea, your most recent role is in the very much anticipated Breaking Dawn as Kebi, a vampire of the Egyptian coven. Before landing the role had you read the books and/or seen the movies?

Andrea: I had seen the movies with my sister. It began with the first movie. I usually go to New York for Thanksgiving and my sister (who I might mention is a grown woman with two children!) loves to go to movies in the middle of the day and I had heard about this one. So we went and we loved it and then the next year we saw the second one. So it kind of became a ritual. After I got the role I read the books and was completely taken in by them. Stephanie Meyers is such a talent and an inspiration.

SayWhatNews. I understand completely. My daughters and I are Twi-hards (I’m the ring leader lol) and have seen them all and we even have Twilight movie marathons at home. So how did you hear about the part and what was the audition like?

Andrea: Well, I got the audition from my agent at the time and basically just went in with my own idea of the role. Debra Zane was casting and they were so generous and helpful because a lot of the information was very top secret. So I just did my best with the information I was given and thankfully, they liked it.

SayWhatNews: When and where were you, when you learned you had landed the part and how excited were you?

Andrea: I heard that I was on hold about three weeks before I got the part. Finally, it must have been around late August that I found out I got it. I was so excited! This was my first feature and to hear that your life is going to change for the next four or five months is really an exercise in embracing adventure! I loved it.

SayWhatNews: Which Twilight cast member were you looking forward to meeting and why?

Andrea: Before the movie, it was probably Rob because I had actually briefly met him in LA years before at a small party where we had mutual friends. This was probably six months before the first Twilight came out. He was just this sweet kid from England and we talked a little bit and he told me about this small movie he had just finished.

I didn’t know anything about it, but I just suddenly saw what was ahead of him and I said “Oh man you are going to be so famous. Your life is about to change! How does that feel?” And he just kind of laughed and said “Really? I guess so. I’m trying not to think about it.” I was looking forward to seeing him again and checking in and reminding him of that moment in time. Turns out he remembered. Also I got to say “I told you so!” Not really, he didn’t need me for that.

Head over to SayWhatNews to read the full interview!

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