New Breaking Dawn still: Peter Facinelli as Carlisle Cullen

Peter Facinelli is featured in a new still from Breaking Dawn Part 1. What do you think of tuxedoed Carlisle?

Source via TTS

  • Jodiec

    yum!!!! Maybe he'll adopt me……

  • guest

    by the look of this photo i think edward might just get shown up wooot team carlisle

  • Stef_4metin

    exactly as Jodiec say maybe he'll adopt me yumm i love this film

  • Kim78

    LMAO!  I KNOW, RIGHT????

  • Olympic Coven

    Holy crow. Talk about sexy

  • loveeeee

    hehhehehehehe…oh i am ready for this

  • carlisle lover!


  • Vampress

    gorgeous!!! *_*

  • bubblepop

    the new director hasnt made the eyes as bright as the other 3 movies, they seem more burnt orange than golden yellow now. i wonder why :)

  • Ericka

    team carlisle!<3

  • Kezchook


  • Graceheather27


  • Aliceismad

    He's soooo ridiculously beautiful, it's unreal! <3 x

  • emeraldangel

    so sexy!!!

  • Feasalc15

    He is like dr. Mcdreamy but for us vampire lovers!!!!

  • Kim78

    While I DO like how BRIGHT the other directors made the contacts, I feel that these particluar one's are more realistic looking.

  • Chbeck769

    Dont know if he looks better there or whenhe was dressed up for the wedding in Nurse Jackie  either way paging  the good dr stat

  • Sandra

    oooh, give me :D

  • Connieyoder

    very hot

  • videostar38

    At least he hasn't got that weird orange hair ;)

  • Janelle JaneNellie

    He is so handsome!!! But its kind of funny to watch him be all serious when he played Mike Dexter in  can't hardly wait. but still good looking then and even more now

  • Stef_4metin

    omg funny

  • Toodie

    he can bite me

  • Trisha Pike

    He looks sexy in anything, especially a tux!

  • Libluvsweetpea

    Handsome man!!

  • Tish2cute29

    he is just hot!!!

  • babs

    he could take my temperature any time.

  • Heather

    Beautiful….as accurately written!!!

  • m!ch5u

    he looks sexy

  • Barbhonig

    Can we say OMG….Hot..

  • Christina_walsh20608

    Yes he is definitlly sexy, is he yet voted for hottest man alive lol. Like everyone said but not adopt I would want to be esme lol. He can check up on me anytime. does he make house calls lol

  • Missamoo

    sooooo sexy

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_253ALN7AS45GXMLA2VI6WC23GY Melisa Prince

    yes he IS!!! YUM!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_253ALN7AS45GXMLA2VI6WC23GY Melisa Prince

    amen to that!! :D

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_253ALN7AS45GXMLA2VI6WC23GY Melisa Prince

    i'll play naughty nurse for this sexy doctor ANY day!!!!

  • Zionamani

    he is awsome man

  • justpassingby

    He's fat.

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