Robert Pattinson at Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards with Chris Weitz

Part of his Speech (translated from Source) :

The vampire Edward from the Twilight saga, Robert Pattinson, presented Chris Weitz, that directed him in New Moon. Visibly nervous and embarrassed, Pattinson started saying that he ”would rather that this room was fool of Twilight fans, since they wouldn’t care to notice how bad he’s is for speeches”. The actor, however, started a curious tribute. ”When I met Chris I wanted to be friends with him in seconds. He is a trememendous artist… and I think it’s bizarre to be here saying behaved things about him, since in our last conversation we were talking about going to Coachella to eat some mushrooms” - to what Weitz yelled ”SOUP! Mushrooms soup!”.

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  • guest

    sure. mushroom soup. lol i know exactly what he means…. ^^

  • Kim78

    HILARIOUS!!!  SURE…..”mushroom soup”…..is that what they're calling it now-a-days?

  • Guest

    Funny…Hope they had a good time.

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