Henry Cavill: It’s ‘enormously flattering’ Stephenie Meyer liked him for Edward Cullen

Stephenie Meyer has said that Henry Cavill is her “perfect Edward” and Angie had a chance to chat with him about it last night at the premiere of his film Immortals! Would Henry have been our Edward Cullen if the movie had been made a few years earlier? Hmm…

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Just to clarify the issue, I have found the 2005 interview where Stephenie talked about Henry.  Here is what she had to say (bold done by me):

I’m a very visual person — when I read a book, I usually cast it in my head as I go. So, long before I knew I was writing a novel, I was already casting my characters. My favorite actor for Edward is Henry Cavill (a little known British actor who played Albert, the teenage son in the most recent version of The Count of Monte Cristo). I feel really passionately about him getting the role, and, should I ever get a chance to talk to anyone about any aspect of the movie, his name will be the first words off my tongue. Of course, he’ll soon be too old for seventeen-year-old Edward, so that only applies if MTV Films gets to work on it in the near future.

  • Dansa1979

    glad they didn't use him

  • Gellyroller

    Well that should make Rob feel good..What a thing to say…

  • Cathy_george4ever

    Sorry Steph.. you would have been sooooooo wrong….  Thank goodness they got Robert..

  • KJS

    thank god she didnt choose him tbf

  • Lhandley

    who the hell cares what Rob thinks???? We didn't write the story, HE certainly didn't write the story…Stephanie Meyer did and that is the guy she envisioned to play Edward so too freaking bad for the rest of  you!!

  • Princessdevyn

    I love robert and when i read this book i pictured some one just like robert. Im glad he got it and not this henry fool he doesnt do edward justice.

  • Kassyrae

    I totally agree! So glad they didn't use him! Robert is Edward, he is the best!! Thank you Robert for making these movies great!

  • Marthaescobar41

    even thou Rob was a good choice.. this other guy would of been great too!

  • amypals

    whatever i love to see edward and bella,i mean rob and kristin,they are perfect for the role,!!just sayin,,:))

  • Iracres

    he's veeery cute!

  • Georgia

    he would've been great had they made the movie earlier. They also wouldn't have had to cast Kristen Stewart for she would've been too young. Oh well

  • Camye50

    Rob was the “best” choice Stephanie ever made to play Edward Cullen. If you go to site, the story of how he auditioned for the part is basically “fate”. The night before he auditioned, he got totally wasted because he was discouraged that he had been auditioning for other parts in other films and was turned down. When he got up the following morning, he was really hung over, but he figured, “what the heck – I'll give it my best”, When he walked into the audition, Kristin had already been selected to play Bella. When Rob saw her, he knew he HAD to do the audition. He said “she was mesmerizing” and he knew that auditioning with her would be his fate. Look at them now <3

  • Mysteryemerald

    Gotta admit that Henry Cavill would have done an amazing job as Edward but, like he said, he would have been/looked too old. Robert Pattinson definitely surprised me with how well he did through out the movies. I had my doubts at first but I'm glad I was proven very wrong. Best of luck to both actors.

  • Amber

    if it would have come out with him then he would be the heart throb, but it had Robert so he is instead… the movie and book and character are what make Edward likable… personally i wish this guy would have done it as far as acting he is better, Rob is cheesy and seems to be reading the script instead of acting it out. in my opening. but its a DAMN good flick

  • Amber

    opinion not opening lol

  • Guest

    I'm not even Team Edward but even I don't think he is as good as Rob.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HHTSU4DUMZ2KQ6I5CBNZCK7D4I taylor

    I think he would have been a Good Carlisle, he would have been the perfect age for that role but i am really really really happy with Peter Facinelli  to play the Doctor. So excited for the movie.

  • kells

    I am so glad they stuck with Rob! I love him <3

  • Acpinkie04

    Although Rob did a VERY good job, I dont think having Henry play the part would've been bad. Honestly if he would have gotten the part first there wouldn't even be a debate right now. Either way I probably still would love the books and movies.

  • jakenlukesmom

    We all love RP because of the Twilight movies. If the guy she wanted had been casted instead, you'd all be in love with him right now. Its the story that makes them appealing. You weren't going gaga over him as Cedric in Harry Potter. Lol!

  • Libluvsweetpea

    He is nice looking too, but maybe too old for a high school  student…

  • LiviLuWho

    Robert sucks and is soooo ugly!! He would have been so better as Edward!! To bad :(

  • Fefox

    love him. so much better!

  • Lady_m_r_b

    nope, the right man got the job.  can't even picture anyone else for the role.

  • HannaL

    I don't see him as my Edward. Maybe he would have been good, but he doesn't look like the Edward I have in my head. Neither did Rob, but he's better for me.

  • Holy Crow!!

    Why are you on a Twilight fan page??? Just wonderin'…

  • Tmferalcat

    I think with the release of Breaking Dawn on the horizon, this is a horrible time to release this story.  I know actors are supposed to develop thick skins but when the book's author says this – well, hold your head high Rob – you are perfect!!!!  And this site just lost some respect from me…..awfully mean story to put out right before the much waited for release of the final installment.

  • Ann Jackson

    It's funny you write that. I read it too and I'm sure everyone knows that it was Kristin who said 'it has to be Rob' after the audition. So the chemistry has been there from the getgo and to me that's what brought Edward & Bella to life. We Twihards are a funny lot. When it was announced Rob got the part a petition to get rid of him was started (more than 75,000 signatures gathered). It wasn't until they issued the first official photo that we agreed 'ok, he's alright. we'll see'. When I read the books I pictured someone more tall, dark & handsome (personal preference-Henry would have been good) and was a little disappointed at first. But when I saw him on screen, he has this sort of James Dean tortured-angst badboy appeal to him (makes you want to cuddle him up and make him feel better. lol!!). I've loved everything he's done (wish Bel Ami would come out soon!) but when I first saw Rob in interviews I fell madly in love. He's so funny, charming, humble and that smile is to die for. My only wish is that they allowed him to keep his accent for Edward. I would have fallen in love sooner! lol!!

  • Icantwaitforbreakingdawn

    Thank Goodness for Rob!! I honestly cant imagine anyone else playing Edward I dont think the saga would of had the same success without him!! 18-11-11 :-)

  • Carleyhawdon

    The only reason people think Rob is perfect for the role is because you have only seen him play it and you fell in love with him from the start but if he was never introduced and Henry was then you would have fallen for him just as much as Rob. Not saying Rob didn't do an amazing job because he did, I think he is a great actor but who knows how Henry would have done if he was casted.

  • Green_freak7

    I think he would have done a wonderful job! I think he fits the Edward role. He has this timelessness about him whereas Robert Pattinson is more what's “hot” now. I'm not too concerned about that but I wonder who she was thinking of when writing about Bella in her books…and Jacob too!

  • Kikiingrid

    Not everyone is fan of Robert Pattison, that dosnt mean we are not twilight fans

  • if i could dream at all…

    I didn't read the books before I saw twilight. But rob totally had me at “Hello, I'm Edward Cullen…” Ahhhhhh just thinking about it makes me crazy in the most amazing way possible.

  • if i could dream at all…

    And Rob smile is try dazzling….

  • ernie

    Jesus, most people here are so sensitive about everything. Henry is obviously being polite and gracious about the whole issue. He didn't nominate himself for the part nor did he start the rumour, it's been well documented that Stephenie had him in mind for Edward. You can find that tidbit on her official blog. Just like her original casting choices for almost every other character. And it's nothing new, we knew that back in 2008, so why is this such a touchy subject? Rob got the part eventually, he did good, everybody loved him as Edward, but it coud've easily been someone else, and you would've loved him just the same. Nothing to get fussy about.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPNEUNKF75KAPJW3I7AFFUIC24 Pam

    I Love Rob as Edward, and I loved Henry in The Tudors!

  • lovely1

    Hey, I'm still for Henry Cavill. They didn't even get RP looking good until Eclipse…and even then, it looked like he had on lipstick. Cavill is just full on hotness and Stephanie was right. Oh well, I'm used to RPatz now, so…

  • lovely1

    Sane, intelligent comments are not usually accepted well here. Just thought you'd like to know. =)

  • fari

    Henry would have been perfect when he was younger not that he's not extremely attractive now

  • Kari

    it's a done deal now so who cares!  Rob did an excellent job being edward and Henry is doing his own thing so it's all good!

  • Shaylene

    Totally true….totally true!!!  Same with Leo from Titanic.  If it was another guy, every girl would have died for him as well =)

  • guest

    i wish they would have cast someone who  had a little better acting skills for edward, heck even bella too. i think the actors/actresses on vampire diaries are more realistic acting than they are. although taylor lautner does a well job of acting and the rest of the cast! cant wait til the next movie. (robert and kristen have gotten better acting throughout the movies)

  • geethgai

    Yeah! i guess tis guy would be a  perfect fit for Edward  .Atfirst when i read the book, i started to imagine  Edward with  this similar type of guy ,but then after i saw the movie RB also seams to be a perfect fit  for Edward Cullen

  • Heathertaylor69

    Sorry but there is only one edward and thats robert nobody else could have brought the caracter to life as well as robert he was made for the part. I read the books long before the films and when I saw robert he was everything I imagined edward to be and more.

  • Toniortiz41

    wrong!!  I happened to like Cedric……and knew at that point he was going to go on to better things!!

  • Toniortiz41

    loved your comment. although i must say- i have not seen this Henry person act yet… I think that Robert really nailed the facial expressions well. When i read the books, i imagined the facial  expressions just as Robert did it in the movies…. so many at a time. But you may be right, maybe Henry could've done it as well……….

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