Max Irons to play the role of Jared in ‘The Host’ film

Max Irons has landed the role of Jared in the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s The Host. We recently reported that Jake Abel will play Ian and it has been known for a while that Soairse Ronan will play Melanie/Wanderer. The film will be directed by Andrew Niccols.  From EW.com:

The important role of Jared Howe will be played by 26-year-old actor Max Irons, EW has learned.

Irons, son of Oscar-winning and golden-throated actor Jeremy Irons, was last seen in this year’s Red Riding Hood. For this project, he joins director Andrew Niccol (In Time,Gattaca) and the long-attached Saoirse Ronan, who will play Melanie Stryder, a young woman who shares her body with an alien force known as Wanderer. Since no Meyer novel is complete without some complicated relationship geometry, Jake Abel has been cast in the role of Ian, a man who falls in love with Wanderer despite the fact that she is in the body of Melanie who is in love with Jared. Fans of the book, may I suggest you start preparing your visual aids and PowerPoint explanations now.

The film will begin shooting in February in Louisiana and then New Mexico and will mark one of the first productions for Open Road Films, a young distribution company backed by AMC and Regal theater chains.

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  • J2v4

    I loved the book… took some time to get really going but it drew me in and I just wept at the end!  I can't wait to see what they do with the movie this was a really long book…

  • Bellenikita

    I really like him but I thought Kit Harrington pictured more what Jared would look like. I don't think I'll be disappointed with the performance though, Max is a great actor.

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