Video: Ellen Degeneres reveals her Breaking Dawn honeymoon cameo

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Via RPLife

  • Kelliekelz69


  • Niburu

    LOLOLOL my mom is gonna hate this

  • Sedlacekteresa

    that was stupid

  • http://twitter.com/murauskaite96 murauskaite96

    I agree that it is very stupid :/

  • Piggintosser

    soooooooooooo funny

  • Nanij773g

    lmaoooo(; too funny

  • Ann Jackson

    Well, I personally loved it! Ellen's the best! Rob will be on Ellen's show 11/18 too. Don't forget to watch. He's always great on her show. I think he's more comfortable with her. He jokes and laughs more.

  • Den11sse

    ellen es la ondaaa :D

  • Isaiah-41-10

    OOOHHHH!!! JEEEZZZ…lol… love it.. shes too fnuuy…

  • Tatis

    mmm… No comments… I mean, it's ridiculous… I love Ellen but I hate it… It's not funny at all…

  • princess ayesha

    okay this was kinda lame..but still funny

  • http://twitter.com/ceniracamargo cenira camargo

    I Loved!!!<3!!

  • Tiffaa

    XDXD lol, I love Twilight, but you've gotta admit that was hilarious! XDXD
    Very cleverly done aswel! :D <3

  • Marija Krstic

    didn't laugh at all -.- boring

  • Shaunacordes1020


  • Lgmultari

    What's wrong with everyone….hello….it was a joke….and I think it was funny….I love Ellen, and I love Twilight even more….cannot wait till the 18 of this month

  • Cheekikim

    That was funny



  • 40Sumthin

    Gotta LOVE Ellen!!!

  • Martistf

    wow i love twilight but this was so funny i cant stop lauging, LOL… ellen is so good i like her  i think she is cool

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