Exclusive: Bill Condon teases Edward/Bella sexy times for Breaking Dawn Part 2

TRUST me when I say that you will think the Breaking Dawn Part 1 honeymoon love scenes are HOT HOT HOT. But we talked with Bill Condon on the red carpet at the Breaking Dawn premiere on Monday, and he tells us to “just wait for part 2!” He also talks about how his films always deal with the outsiders, and why that appeals to him. And find out what he thinks about not having a Team Bill when there is a Team Jack!

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Note: If you aren’t familiar, Dr. Kinsey is a sex doctor in the film Kinsey, directed by Bill!

  • LisaJanePup

    ehhh ewwww ehhh sorry but… ehhhhwwww

  • Pascaline1991

    I'm French girl (20 years old), and i've just seen breaking dawn this night. It was A-MA-ZiiiinG !
    This movie is very very very beautiful. I go back tomorrow !
    Seriously, it's PERFECT ! I love it sooooo much !
    (PS : sorry for my language)
    If you have question about the movie, ask me :D

  • Dawn Shrewsbury02

    Do you see Bella after she is changed?

  • Stace083

    YES! <3

  • Pascaline1991

    Well, not really. We just can see her red eyes. Beautiful :)

  • MaRiveroV

    when finish the movie….until what part?

  • Pascaline1991

    The background (the last scene) of the movie: Bella's red eyes.
    Later that she changed. Bill C.was really made a great work. The special effects on Bella (and wolves) are breathtaking!
    PS : I hope you understand my bad language :S

  • Ana

    are the sex scenes really hot?? hahaha

  • Cstatenfl

    No No No I must watch for myself. I can't wait to see it this Friday. November 18th Did you read the book and if so was it as good as the book?

    Cindy from Orlando, Florida USA

  • Pascaline1991

    Sincerely, not really. But they are very moving and very beautiful scenes. With close-up (french word : gros plan) on their faces and on Edward's back :)

  • Pascaline1991

    Personally, I had the impression to turn pages of the book. The movie is very representative of the book. Even if there were my other favorite moments. For example, when Edward removes Bella's garter.

  • Pascaline1991

    We do not see Edward tearing the pillow. We see feathers around Bella and that it. Futhermore, we do not see Bella and Edward changed rooms…

  • Viv

    Edward doesn't sparkle in the sun in this movie.  quite dissapointing but good overall.

  • Ana

    awwww :3…. thank you sooo much for taking your time and anwer our questions :) .

  • Ana

    really? oh well :/ haha .. umm.. one more question.. it is true we can see Edward/ Rob talking in portuguese??

  • tenbrat

    i just wish they could have put part 1 and 2 closer together.. Maybe do both back to back to get the whole feeling of the book….:)

  • Pascaline1991

    Oooh yeah, and he speak very well. He is so sexy :P
    I hope you like this great movie :D D
    PS : Team Edward <3

  • Pascaline1991

    You welcome. It's with pleasure !
    On the other hand, I feel guilty. Indeed, it is not fair that we (French fans) been able to see the fourth movie before you :S
    Enjoy Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 :D

  • Ana

    again: thank you soo much :)
    And don't worry, I will <3
    Ps: Team Edward <3

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