Jackson Rathbone and Xavier Samuel on Total Film’s List of Hottest New Hollywood Actors

The Actor: A supporting player in the Twilight series, Rathbone also appeared in M. Night Shyamalan clunker The Last Airbender. No prizes for guessing which teen fantasy occupies more space on his CV…

Why So Hot?
Besides starring in climactic, two-part series-enderBreaking Dawn, Rathbone will also be starring as Leo Mishkin in Paul Williams’ adaptation of The Idiot. Not many actors can say they’ve starred in films inspired by both Stephanie Meyer and Fyodor Dostoevsky…

The Actor: Another member of the Twilight brood (he played Riley in last year’s Eclipse), Aussie-born Xavier recently joined in the fun on Roland Emmerich’s Anonymous as the Earl of Southampton.

Why So Hot? You can see him next alongside Olivia Newton John for Aussie comedy A Few Best Men, before he appears in the deliriously stupid-sounding Bait, a horror film in which a freak tsunami traps a group of coastal shoppers in a supermarket with some tiger sharks! The star-making turn however, should arrive with Drift, in which he and Sam Worthington appear as pioneers of the modern surfing industry.


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