More photos from the Kristen/Rob/Taylor EW cover shoot

I’m in LOVE with this new shoot! See the cover here.

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  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    Pop culture that is meant to never be forgotten in three names: Kristen, Taylor, and Robert. :)

  • Taylor(:

    wait, so why'd she chose Robert again?

  • Priscilla Torres

    Me love!

  • Donaldherbertrockburn

    very nice pics kristen taylor and rob.can,t wait for breaking dawn to come out friday.

  • Stylistaevelyn

    sexy!!! I am so excited!!!!

  • Melypandura

    i gonna die!

  • Guest

    The one image in color….If her dress was any higher….A part of her body might as well yell..”PEEK A BOO”.  I have never understood the need to wear so little….and I'm only in my 20's, so I'm not some up tight old lady.  I liked the dresses that she wore to the L.A. and UK premieres, she looked great, but not trashy.

  • Northbay980

    I love love these photos!!!


    Love this pic….Rob and Kristen r so cuuutee!!

  • Victoria

    great pics  Cant wait to watch part1 TONIGHT!!!!!!  WOOOHOOOO the wait is over :)

  • Tammy

    They look amazing. I love the one with Kristen's head on Rob's Shoulder. THEY ARE THE PERFECT COUPLE!!!! I absol. Love her style and the clothes that she wears.,Kristen you are just BEAUTIFUL!!!!! xoxo She looks amazing. ROB you are just GORGEOUS!!!!! xoxo  LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!

  • Rosanna

    Taylor, why are you even in the picture? Don't get me wrong, I love Taylor and think he's wonderful and adorable, but COME ON! Look at the body language between Rob and Kristen! Could they be ignoring Taylor any more?? Those two are too cute.

  • Beth

    You are so immature in your  comment.  It's for the movie since they are the leads– IT'S NOT ABOUT THE ROBSTEN RELATIONSHIP> They are  not ignoring Taylor.  It's posed to show that the choice has finally been made.  Rob and Kristen never INTENTIONALLY ignore Taylor since they are not petty people.

  • Guest

    I think she likes caterpillar eyebrows and pale skin.

  • Lalitasaala

    I really like all photos

  • Rajiv Dhiman

    u guys are rocking the world………..love u n specially for Bella

  • KitKat

    Agree w/ Beth. Its a representation of the movie. Although the love triangle envolves all three, the pull between Bella and Edward is always stronger. I think thats what this is suppose to represent not Kristen and Robert.

  • KitKat

    Idk…I am pretty old fashioned but I dont think her dress is too short. I am pretty its finger tip length an it doesnt look like 'that area' is lower than the bend in her dress, so thats a good 5 inches imo.

  • Summer769


  • Girlink

    this whole thing about if they are a couple is pure advertising!, from the beginning it was planned, it was obvious that if they would be 4 years working together, were used to spread the rumor that they were a couple! Was the same thing happened with Ashleey & Jackson .. and one of them said no, that if there were many pictures of them together was because they work together, right? The same applies in Rob & Kristen because they are the couple of the moment, clearly talking business, you know? and still lack Breking Dawn Part 2 … so we have “Robsten” for a while …

  • Guest

    In most of the pics…your right, but the one in color where the dress is pushed up….I mean Kristen herself is not that old, and young girls look up to her and to the character in the movie….I would not let my girls out of the house wearing something like that.

  • bubblepop

    rob looks so miserable these days

  • Twilightstephanie92

    they look faboulous great  photo shoot  keep them coming:)

  • Matt 88

    First of all for all u people slagging off the relationship between kristin and robert – You CLEARLY havent seen them in real life !!! I was at the UK premiere of breaking dawn in london stratford centre yesterday after queueing with my fiance for over 26 hours. We were right next to the red carpet and saw all 3 (rob, kristin and taylor) face to face, got autographs and 1 on 1 pics with them.
    When rob and kristin arrived they were so loving to one another and he was embracing Kristin and being very protective of her even when they were going down opposite sides of the red carpet seeing fans etc. Rob was constantly checking on Kristin to make sure she was ok.
    They looked absolutely amazing and to be that close to all of them and speak to them was worth the agony of waiting and being crushed/stood on.
    And as for the 3 way relationship between the cast – of course its always going to appear that Taylor is being pushed aside, but thats because Rob and Kristin are in love and an item – they both love Taylor like a brother i imagine. As they have become part of each others lifes. Without each of the 3 stars the success and popularity of the movies etc wouldnt exist.

  • Mom2Boys

    What a rough life she has!!

  • Perkypam67

    What ever the case may be they make a cute couple!

  • http://twitter.com/Marie_Cullen_PR Maria Ortiz

    I agree with Beth and Girlink enough said.

  • Guest

    I could say the same thing about Kristen and Taylor because I saw pics from the London premiere where Kristen is staring at Taylor and he is staring at her.   Oh, I guess that makes them in lurve.  It is PR and they are actors.  Build your own romantic life with your fiancee and quit projecting onto others.

  • Packa717

    I love this photos ….. Robert is sooo sexy ♥ :)

  • http://www.fanfiction.net/~truetwihard96 slb96

    its not advertising! its real! if its advertising why do you see pictures of them together all the time! and i'm not talking about twilight related promotional things i'm talking about when they're spotted having a private dinner or visiting one another on set of their other films or kissing each other at a friend's party! she has a ring that has “ROB” written on it and she admitted her boyfriend is english! if you don't believe it now then give me a reason why she was papped leaving Rob's london apartment yesterday morning while Rob was in london too. they haven't admitted it yet because they're NOT trying to sell it. they say that in interviews all the time, that they won't answer those questions because they want to keep it private because even if they do admit it, it won't change a thing! people will still want to know every aspect of their lives. maybe you should stop trying to deny it and let it be…

  • Tammy

    So, extremely, well said. I agree on everything stated…..Wow! I envy you for getting to meet them all 1 on 1…..I would love to meet them someday. I agree you could see they LOVE between them from the very beginning.,esp. the UK and LA premieres….they were just exploding with LOVE for each other. They were both so relaxed and comfortable with each other., because they didn't have to pretend not to be together., Summit tried to keep them from coming out about their relationship because of New Moon…. Plus, if people would look back to when New Moon was just coming out and all the photo shoots., you can see that Kristen is wearing the GOLD Ring on LEFT HAND that Rob got her. It was so obvious that they have been dating for a very long time. Now, they are just ready to share their love with the world……I'm so happy for them both. THEY ARE THE PERFECT COUPLE!!!! xoxo  LOVE THEM!!!! 

    Thanks for you post. I agree on the whole Taylor thing also.

  • Lolann

    Really? Now her dress is too short…..I am an old lady, thank you very much 20 something, and i don't think it is too short! I think that in the color photo all three look very elegant! It's a beautiful picture of them all…a picture..not a break down of the morals in our country…You see more on a tv commercial or a barbie doll nowadays!! :(

  • Lolann

    Love the attached photos and love that you have photographic proof to back up your comment!! Great job slb96.

  • Suji

    u r so lucky….

  • Girlink

    is what I'm saying! is a representation of the characters, yet the public is a 50/50 for this session, I'm with beth

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