New Photos of the Wolfpack on Extra

Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, and Bronson Pelletier were spotted looking cheery on Extra.

Source: The Vampire Club

  • Mathewdomalsin

    wowh!they're handsome wolves!

  • Kristine_domalsin

    they're so handsome and machos!i really admire them!

  • Ix3fritz


  • Ix3fritz

    I would do anything to meet them c:

  • Maham_umair21

    i love the background its beautiful

  • Maham_unair21

    i love the background its beautiful

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_A5CVWIFJX234NBDCUM3M3RB26I Maham Umair

    watch the movie read the books what else its a good love story like titantic,can't get enough of its ,its not boring ,its interesting,it has it all,genius made this movie and book.me loves it i rate it as for a love story a 10

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