Wyck Godfrey Talks “Breaking Dawn” and Future Projects

Collider spoke with producer Wyck Godfrey about what is was like wrapping up this franchise, and the future projects he has in the works!

What’s it been like to have a director like Bill Condon responsible for these last two films? How do you feel he elevated not just the series, but the performance of the actors?

GODFREY: I think Bill is a very sophisticated, intuitive filmmaker, who really understands character and he really knows how to communicate what a story is about and what the character is going through, to the actors. Personally, I feel that the performances in Breaking Dawn are beyond anything that any of the actors have done, in their careers, let alone just our movies. From watching Bill every day on set, you know where it comes from. It comes from a very direct, clear communication with them. He listens and puts them in a comfortable place, where they can really explore emotions that they haven’t explored before. The reason we wanted to go with someone like Bill is because this was the first part of the story that our actors had not gone through, as people. They’re doing adult things that they haven’t done yet, like getting married, having a baby, and all of these things. You needed somebody who could help them walk through that experience, and Bill was perfect. With all of his movies, he’s gotten Academy Award nomination for almost everybody who acts in them. So, we felt very comfortable, and the actors felt comfortable in his hands.

With so many aspects of the story, what were the biggest hurdles that you had to overcome, with Part 1 and Part 2 of Breaking Dawn?

GODFREY: The biggest hurdles were just the execution of the visuals and the action, and the complication of trying to shoot two movies as one, where you have an actress who’s in almost every scene, but sometimes she has to be in vampire make-up and sometimes she has to be in Bella human make-up, and trying to get it all done in the time we had allotted. We had this release date that we had to hit, so Movie 1 was always going to be a challenge to make sure that we had shot everything that we needed. We weren’t going to have time to reshoot anything with the first one because we had to get the post-production done. So, the visual effects, shooting on giant stages with green screen everywhere when you’re supposed to be in a snowy field, and pulling off action that audiences haven’t seen before is always a challenge. You need to show people things they haven’t seen before. Fortunately, we stayed an extra two weeks and shot a lot more footage, and I think we got great stuff.

Obviously, the wedding and the wedding dress are a significant part of the first Breaking Dawn film. How much time was spent on creating the look of all of that, and how difficult was it to keep anyone from seeing it?

GODFREY: The secrecy and the privacy of all of that stuff was very difficult. As you know, there was footage and pictures leaked. There were pictures taken from fittings on Twilight that, all of a sudden, leaked. We live in a time when people feel the need to share that stuff. Sometimes it’s not out of malice. Sometimes it’s just out of being excited and wanting to show people, “I’ve got something you don’t have.” But, the wedding dress was one that we knew we could not let anyone see. We went through a process to find the perfect designer and the designs. Stephenie [Meyer] had input, and Bill [Condon] had input, and (costume designer) Michael Wilkinson had input, and Kristen [Stewart] had input. That was complicated ‘cause everyone wants that to be the greatest wedding dress, of all time. I, personally, loved it. I’m sure everyone will have their own opinion. It feels, to me at least, that it’s got this contemporary, cool, almost Japanese feeling to it. It’s not just a staid wedding dress.

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