Casey Labow (Kate from the Denali Coven) News Updates

Casey LaBow who plays “Kate” in Breaking Dawn has been busy and we have the latest on her news updates.

In this video , Casey talks Breaking Dawn with Rad Motel :


Casey is also featured in 2 magazines. Check out this video from Nylon TV :

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Kate was also interviewed by Fault where she talked Breaking Dawn. Here’s an excerpt from her interview :

FAULT: Casey, what a busy year for you; how are you doing?
Casey: I’m doing very good, I’ve been working a lot, and now getting ready for the Breaking Dawn Premieres.

FAULT: Can you tell us about your background, have you always known you wanted to get into acting?
Casey: I grew up outside of NYC and Broadway plays were very important to me. Annie and the Phantom of the Opera were a really big influence. I went to theatre school where I immersed myself in the craft and after graduation I hit the ground running with auditions and castings.

FAULT: You recently started in the critically acclaimed film Skateland and your co-star Ashley Green is also working with you on Breaking Dawn. What was it like working together again?

Casey: It was great, we didn’t have a ton of scenes together in Skateland, but it was funny because we shot both Skateland and parts of Breaking Dawn in Louisiana. I had to laugh about that, thinking the Gods must want us to be in Louisiana.

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Source : Twilight Lexicon


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