EXCLUSIVE: Melissa Rosenberg: Collaboration with Bill Condon “one of the best of my career”

In an exclusive interview with Team-Twilight and Twilightish, Melissa Rosenberg talks about the amazing experience working with Bill Condon and being a successful screenwriter of both men and women.

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  • Michelle Ayres

    Mr Condon i put my hat to you and Melissa…you both have done a wonderful jo in bringing as much as you can of this saga that is soooo dear to our hearts

  • Racingfan3

    Wonderful job,the movie was amazing!!!!  I Love The Twilight Saga.Thanks for making the movie so close as the book

  • vpwhitewaters

    Breaking dawn is the truest to the bookin the series! Even though I new what was coming, I couldn't help but get caught up with the emotion!

  • sam

    movie was so goood! minus the wolves sounding like transformers at one part but i loved it:)

  • Cacrystal75

    I liked most of the movie..thought i felt dissappointed with the part of Bella and Jacob..I didnt feel the emotion in the movie between the two and the hearbreak like i did in the book.

  • MsStranger

    Great job!!!!  Everthing was amazing and soo close to the book. It couldn't be better. I hoop that part 2 will be as good as this one or even better.

  • Sally

    lol that wolves part was the only part i didnt like, jacob had a darth vader kind of sound:p other than that it was great!

  • Cglover03

    The movie was Great and what a amazing job:) I do not think anybody else could have done a better job!

  • Dakshi

    The whole theater full of people was laughing during that scene! It was hilarious!

  • jo

    i loved the wolf scene( : it was one of my favorites.

  • Jilly19

    Thank you so much – you actually stuck to the book
    Fabulous job

  • efjayperez

    Just can't get enough!…craving always follow after every scene and after every installment…Hope that you guys won't stop giving us superb movie like Twilight Saga! You guys are so fantastic for bringing the story so real right into our own eyes…

  • Momo_eggbert_563

    I hated that Edward was the one in the dream before the wedding. That was really some amazing foreshadowing in the book and that's why it was a beautiful child who killed Bella's family, NOT Edward. It made it seem like she was second guessing herself, like she wasn't completely devoted to Edward.

  • RW

    I would say that BDpt1 is actually the least true to the books and it felt like Bill didn't take the material seriously enough, too much was not true to the book.  And what was the bit at the credits with the Voluturi??  Seemed to me like they thought they were doing a comedy sketch – NOT cool!

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