Melissa Rosenburg on “Breaking Dawn” and Feminism

There can be no doubt that The Twilight Saga (the books as well as the films) have struck a chord. The depictions are both revered and reviled depending on the reader/viewer’s perspective, but no one can argue that they have inspired a stunning financial and cultural response. Among other things, the franchise propelled Summit Entertainment from a boutique company to a significant player in the entertainment industry. It is somewhat obvious to us now, but what is clear, is that the themes expressed in the story have filled a void that many were not even aware existed. “Hollywood’s idea has been that what drives a massive hit is 13-year-old boys and so they keep making movies that are geared toward them,”Rosenberg said.

“And what this (series of) movies tells them is that actually you can get a pretty big hit if you write something that women actually want to see. They will see the movie eight times, they will buy the DVD and the t-shirt and all that. Yet they never quite learn that lesson. They think, ‘Oh,  it’s vampires, that’s what they want to see!’ No, what they want to see is actual real human emotional stories that touch some chord with them.  For me it’s about the girl coming-of-age and coming into herself, and she does that through her relationship. But it is unapologetically about love, and that is very unusual these days. And there’s also the wish-fulfillment of being the every-girl who is actually unique and special and desirable even in her awkwardness and insecurity. “

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  • Gooseinthepond

    Feminism? Bella “coming into her own”?? I am a huge fan of the books and the movie franchise but even I have to admit that Bella has sent the women's' movement back a few decades. She doesn't want to work, she doesn't want to go to school, she only wants to be Edward's wife/girlfriend/whatever. She tolerates being abandoned, thrown into a table full of plates and injured, having her truck disabled so that her boyfriend can control which of her friends she's allowed to see, and (OMG!) in the newest movie actually BEGS her husband for sex. Sheesh!

  • Cyren

    …And here I thought feminism was about a woman having the choice to do what she wants, even if that is as simple as being a wife. It seems that all too often feminism is always associated with a woman being career driven…but feminism is defined as the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. Its a book about love, a girl finding the kind of love that people yearn for. TV today is filled with sex, violence and more often than not, even promiscuous sexual activity…twilight is old fashioned in some respects…but seeing as its so popular isn't that an indicator that old fashioned values and ideals are what people are looking for in an all too modern world?

  • Flami_metal

    omg.. she doesnt “beg” really.. i actually found it funny just because in all the past movies shes been wanting to have sex with edward and now that she has it she wants more! in all stories w vampires it is said that vampires are really good at sex or even werewolves are also good, just for being supernatural beings. hence the humans get hooked on them. also the “begging” its because hes saying no to her on the fact that he leaves marks on her cause he cant control his “vampire ways” and her being human gets hurt easily. yes the movie can be a bit melodramatic, and in the past movies when she becomes depressed over him leaving (to keep her safe mind you) can seem pathetic.. but look at it this way.. its about a love that most people dream of, a love that fills u and makes u so happy every time u see the person, they give u strength. and of her begging?? shes always been a horny bitch! hahaha wtf its been in all the movies! its always the joke that she wants sex n he cant or wont for his reasons that everyone thats read or seen this whole story unfold knows about.
    just because she falls in love the way she does doesnt mean shes back in the dark ages.

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