Where to hear the soundtrack songs in Breaking Dawn Part 1

Confession: I took notes during Breaking Dawn today. I mean, I thoroughly enjoyed my second viewing, but I scribbled notes in the dark of where songs played while I was watching.  I thought I’d share for anyone who is wondering. And thanks to our WONDERFUL Twitter followers who helped me place just a couple I hadn’t found.

Soundtrack order:
1) End Tapes – Joy Formidable
Played as the first song during the credits.

2) Love Will Take You – By Angus & Julia Stone
Played during the wedding reception.

3) It Will Rain – By Bruno Mars
Played as the third song during the credits

4) Turning Page – By Sleeping At Last
Played during Edward and Bella’s first love scene. Instrumental version played as Bella walked down the aisle.

5) From Now On – By The Features
Played during the scenes where Edward & Bella play chess on the honeymoon, Bella is attempting to seduce Edward, Edward wears Bella out with activities.

6) A Thousand Years – By Christina Perri
Played as the fourth song during the credits.

7) Neighbors – By Theophilus London
Played in the background during the wedding reception.

8 ) I Didn’t Mean It – By The Belle Brigade
Played as the second song during the credits (over the Volturi scene)

9) Sister Rosetta (2011 Version) – By Noisettes
Played while Bella is “prepping” for her wedding night, and talking herself up.

10) Northern Lights – By Cider Sky
Played while Bella is dancing with Jacob outside of her wedding reception.

11) Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version) – By Iron & Wine
Played during the wedding vows.

12) Requiem On Water – By Imperial Mammoth
Played after Bella discovers she is pregnant.

13) Cold – By Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz
Played when Bella is getting sicker and sicker from carrying the hybrid baby.

14) Llovera – By Mia Maestro
Played when Bella meets Edward in the water during the honeymoon.

15) Love Death Birth – By Carter Burwell
Played during the delivery of the baby, the attempt to revive Bella, the transformation.

16) Like a Drug – Hard-Fi (Bonus track from Deluxe Version of album)
Played during dancing at the reception (notably the humans are dancing crazily when the song starts playing)

  • Dr_mcfeelie

    I have a question, i can't find the song when Bella and Edward are leaving the party

  • IsabellaCullen

    When they're first leaving the reception, the song is called “Goodbyes”.  It's by Carter Burwell & will be on the score coming out on Dec 13th.

  • Kate Sutton

    To be honest, I thought it was all perfect! 
    I absolutely loved the wedding songs and the honeymoon songs, I thought they fitted the scenes brilliantly! I love Love Death Birth when Bella is changing/giving birth, Turning Page – it was beautiful! They could've chosen a better song! I listen to it, and I just remember the film, it was perfect! And I love Flightless Bird, American Mouth at the wedding!
    But I love every song! It's perfect!

    But can I just say, I thought Sister Rosetta was played when Bella was talking herself up and 'prepping' herself before she went into the sea with Edward??
    I'm probably wrong, but I've seen it 4 times now (I just had to see it again and again!) and I'm sure I remember it when she's brushing her teeth, hair, washing her arms and shaving her legs (loved that part!)?? I'm probably wrong but hey!

    Thank you so much for this! It's been so useful! I could recognise a most of them but there were a couple that I just couldn't click with the film! So THANK YOU!

  • Cmgeier34

    Here are the notes that I made during the movie, of which some are different from what Lindsay found:

    A Thousand Years- did play during the movie, I believe that was the instrumental that played as Bella was walking down the aisle, not Turning Page as Lindsay had said

    Flightless Bird, American Mouth- played during the wedding kiss

    I don't know the songs that were playing during the reception well enough to identify those.

    It Will Rain- also played briefly during the actual movie, when Bella and Edward were walking down the stairs out of the house after the wedding reception on the way to the car to leave for the honeymoon.

    Sister Rosetta- played while Bella was having her “human moments” before she meets Edward in the water

    Turning Page- played during the infamous love making scene

    From Now On- played during the honeymoon activities (chess, etc.)

    Requiem on Water- played right after Bella finds out she is pregnant

    Cold- played while Bella is becoming weaker with baby

    Love Death Bird- played while Bella is changing into a vampire

    Those are the songs I caught during the movie. I know there were more, but don't know the other songs well enough to recognize them by name.

  • Vamptoast

    what song plays in rio as they are walking through?

  • http://twitter.com/YaishiMeem Yaishi Meem

    i wanna know the music that was playing during the time bella and edward were in the car, going ot brazil and bella hears a wolf howl. i love that music! im trying to find it for my loving older sister. plz, if u no the name, just write it ina  comment. i have been searching my brain out for that music.

  • guest

    what was the melody playing at the beginning of the wedding reception right before alice and jasper started talking to jessica and mike? PLEASE answer, I cannot find the song on the soundtrack and am in love with the song!

  • Dinciss

    Can please, someone say, what was the song, which was in movie, when Edward and Bella were going by car to honeymoon after wedding, while they were going there was a beutiful song, but I cant find it..

  • Twilightsagalover

    Number 13 is the best song

  • jess

    i was wondering if anyone could help me: there was a song that played only for a few seconds after the wedding as bella was walking out to go to the honeymoon. does anyone know what that song was? thanks heaps:)

  • Karybka

    Hi, do You know the name of the song when they arrived to Rio?

  • Saloni_laughingangel

    does any one know which song is played when they r passing through the streets of rio??

  • Faram Poonawalla

    i wanna want that music in which bella and edward were going for honeymoon … the music is played during they were traveling in the car for honey moon

  • lydia

    does anyone know whats the name if the music played when edward carried bella into the honeymoon house?

  • Steph-A

    do we know the title of this song?
    I really liked it too, and it's not on the soundtrack…

  • Guest

    it will rain also played once the reception was over as edward and bella walk between the crowd to the car

  • Itsuki

    No one know the name of the song when Edward and Bella are in Rio ? ( brazilian song and no the cr*** of Christina Perry … )

  • Itsuki

    Did you find it ?

  • Itsuki

    I find it : E Pra Valer by Samba Squad

  • Sylvia Okyere

    whats the name of the brazillian carnival song they dance to when they get there?

  • Aga_ste

    hey,does anybody know what song was played after the wedding ? When Bella & Edward were travelling by car to the airport ? (later it was when they travelling to esme island)

  • Desidavis4

    It will rain also plays at the end of the wedding when they r leaving for there honey moon.

  • Amanda

    Anybody know the first song played at the reception? The band's playing it and then Jessica and Alice start discussing the cake. It's driving me nuts

  • Renesmee Carlie Cullen

    What song was playing while Edward was searching for legends?

  • Mel_bech

    Does anyone know, what song it is in the trailer??

  • Renesmer Cullennessie

    In. Love death birth its the delivery of renesmee Hellas transformation. And when Jacob.imprints

  • lg1227

    What is the name of the song played during the reception, its instrumental. This guy with a beard was playing it with a violin.

  • marley

    does anyone know that peice of music playing in background of breaking dawn when jacob tries talking to bella and he says im not sticking around to watch and he storms out, it sounds like carter burnell but iv got both soundtracks from breaking dawn and its not on there… please help!!!!!

  • Bel29la

    which song is playing while bella and edward are living for their honeymoon?

  • Cliftonbekker

    Can any one tell me whats the name of the song that plays nowhen edward and bella walks on the street in rio? Not nova vida. Its the street band that plays

  • miss-marley

    Samba squad- E pra valer, look for it on youtube

  • miss-marley

    Trailer 1 – x-ray dogs- acts of courage, it then goes into another song by x-ray dogs but its an unrealsed track, cannot get anywhere. Trailer 2 is two steps from hell – love and loss

  • Gabby

    II still dont know what song they play when they're on their way to the honeymoon and bella hears the wolf howling:(

  • Denka Uhr

    Can I ask you,don't you know,what's name of song,which played when Edward and Bella were in Rio? It's short scene on the square or some street. I can't find this song anywhere.

  • Sarahhutchings4

    How can I find Some of these songs to download
    on my phone!?

  • Ana

    hey,There is a soundtrack that plays when bella says: I'm ready and then edward and bella leave the cullens house,what is the name of it?

  • Cici

    so then what song were the cellists playing at the reception?

  • pinkblackwidow

    this is weird you gys are missing a song the song is played when bella and edward leve their wedding in a car and the song is preety much acoustic

  • Alvaro

    Does anyone knows the song that plays when E+B are riding the BMW to the airport to go back to Forks?

  • Angel

    The song we looking for is none on this list.Its a instrumental song that plays as the reception begins. The Orchestra plays it. What is that song called and by who? I loved both movies, and will forever be a twilight fan. I'm getting married next year and as i walk down the isle,A thousand Years will be playing. The movies gave me alot of ideas, so thank you very much!

  • dajana123

    I love the 4th song ^_^

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