Do you want Bella’s wedding gown and shoes? Here’s where to get them!

Alfred Angelo is officially selling Bella’s wedding gown! The dress, designed for the film by Carolina Herrera, is available for $999 at Alfred Angelo Bridal.

If you need to complete the outfit, never fear! You can purchase Bella’s Manolo Blahnik shoes, called the Swan Embellished Satin Pump, for a measley $1,295. Don’t we all wish we had the Cullens to buy us a pair?

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  • KS

    I completely agree with you. The wedding dress should have been a better one. This was a huge disappointment for me to watch as I waited patiently for the wedding scene. She was pretty, but the dress didn't do her justice. I could wear a nightgown in my wedding and it would still be better than the let down in breaking dawn part 1.

  • Teasagerhart

    Loved the dress for Bella. I would never fit into it. But I want those shoes so bad!

  • Cheerrgalll

    The Shoes… But it looked like she was having a hard time! But they are SOOOOOOO Pretty

  • elizabethlautner

    I can't afford this…..they should just give it away in a contest. we twihards would love it….

  • Kat Hoyt214

    those are soo beautiful i want them both

  • Clarissastar

    I loved the dress and, she looked amazing.

  • TwiLvr

    LOVED the dress! Was so amazing and beautiful!

  • Schustercharlli

    I wish I had money :(

  • Irene Martinez

    I loved everthing .shoes, dress and even her hair piece it was lovely she looked so pretty.

  • Bieke

    I totally love the dress! The shoes make my feet hurt just by looking at them, haha xD Doesn't Bella wear other shoes at the wedding?

  • http://www.team-twilight.com Nico Sanchez

    LOVE THE DRESS! and the shoes are awesome :) beautiful great job <3

  • Jenn

    I absolutely love this dress it is amazing and it looked really good on Kristen

  • VioletBlack

    I'd sell my soul for the gown and the shoes, even when I never use heels and know I'll never get married. I'd keep them for the rest of my life just like a treasure.

  • VioletBlack

    I'd sell my soul for the gown and the shoes, even when I never use heels and know I'll never get married. I'd keep them for the rest of my life just like a treasure.

  • Anna Banana1998

    I think that a pair of SHOES!!!! Should not cost that much money, I don't care what the reason is, it's a rip off!!!

  • Papakoleatita

    Need a picture of the front of the dress too.

  • Colledv

    I love the dress and the shoes. i wish my daughter watched the Twight saga she would love the dress. She is also getting married I will show her the dress and shoes the only thing she is getting married on the Beach at sunset in Florida

  • Shadowbabygirl666

    I love it that the shoes cost more then the dress!

  • Jamievalles

    to be truthful i think the dress is so ugly. I loved the dress she had on in the nightmare. If i had to pick witch dress to were for my wedding and they are the last two dresses on earth i would total going with the nightmare dress. But I LOVE the shoes i think im going to get a par because im getting married in 6 months to my very own Edward Cullen.

  • Sweet Girl7878

    i liked the dress very much n it is perfect…..da shoes r more more n most n best…………..

  • Monicavasquez0906

    the dress was so beautiful the whole wedding was beautiful!!

  • Astridjuh12

    i liked her dress really much ^^
    i liked her hair at the wedding too, but her hair in the nightmare she had was also very nice

  • char

    anybody know who designed the wedding dress bella wore in the nightmare before the actual wedding?

  • Khemraj17

    Love the dress … Love that the back is in the shape of a puzzle piece!

  • cupcake

    you arent just paying for ” some designers name” for the shoes. look up manolo blahnik. he hand carves each heel for his shoes. thats old school hand made design…not bulk factory made in sweatshops like most things now a days.



  • princess134911

    i want those shoes but the thing is im actually getting married. im working in setting a date. my edward wants to set it in nov but my mommy says in june. any opinions?

  • AFwifey22

    Does anyone know who the designer of the nightmare wedding dress is? I've googled it all all the results are for the other dress :/

  • snake queen

    hey love the shoes and the dress but they need to be cheaper and have some blue and the dress get ride of the sleves and add blue to match her barete

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