Do you want Bella’s wedding gown and shoes? Here’s where to get them!

Alfred Angelo is officially selling Bella’s wedding gown! The dress, designed for the film by Carolina Herrera, is available for $999 at Alfred Angelo Bridal.

If you need to complete the outfit, never fear! You can purchase Bella’s Manolo Blahnik shoes, called the Swan Embellished Satin Pump, for a measley $1,295. Don’t we all wish we had the Cullens to buy us a pair?

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  • Lollie2710

    they are lovely and i love the dress it is soooo nice

  • amzyangel92

    So beautiful!! But WOAH the price of the shoes! x

  • Jaimepoohbr

    Beautiful dress!!

  • Mary Elizabeth01

    Ah!!! I want soooo bad! Gimme! Now!

  • Sarah

    If I have a wedding re-do!

  • Ying Yang

    the shoes r more expensive than the dress???

  • Fanny_ny

    Wow I want the shoes

  • Mafer-ricci

    I <3 you edward

  • Sky

    That dress is so beautiful and the shoes just complete the outfit!

  • 22doglover


  • guest

    i have seen this shoes… ^^ in the movie … ^^ :D :D

  • Marzena1110

    wow,i love it!!!for my wedding perfect!!!!

  • Momof4fords

    I'd almost renew my vows to wear that one!  But would need a personal trainer to firm up at bit first!  That dress was PERFECT!  Shoes were a dream~

  • Renesmee <3<3

    Lovee the dress ! And the shoes. Bella was so beautiful on the wedding !

  • Annieserrano

    i love the shoes!  wasn't too fond of the dress though.  I liked the one she wore in her nightmare better.

  • Catyy

    It is so beauty *-*

  • ilovetwighlight

    i love it i wanna to hafe my dad is buyng for me the shws and the dress

  • obsessed!

    I don't think she actually wore the shoes though….looked more like keds!

  • alissazim

    i loved that the dress was'nt overly girly for Bella and the scenes when she's dancing with Jacob she had tennis shoes on!!

  • TeamTylerLockwood

    the back of her dress was so pretty, but the front was blah.

  • Djennisse

    the shoes are simply perfect :D

  • Tory

    me too i really like that one more

  • Kittyjoy_2000

    you would have to be like a size 00 to fit into that dress and I am sorry but those shoes are ugly and deffinately not worth the $1295 price tag.  Your just paying for some designers name that is all.  As for the movies they should have cast someone with a body like Jacob to be edward (just saying).

  • Beena2013

    I want them soo bad! My boyfriend needs to get a better job asap! Christmas is right around the corner!

  • Funnysmiley

    OMG at the shoes. would love a pair! But i havent had time to see the film yet! :'( Cant wait heard its really good even though it on;y got 2 stars!!! :O

  • *NOV2012!!*

    In the books she wore the heels during the ceremony and then she put her tennis shoes on for the reception.

  • Emzcruz

    The dress was amazing…perfect.. we needed to see more of it.

  • Amanda_gail2010

    getting this dress!!!!!!

  • *NOV.2012!!*

    The dress designer designed this dress based on how Stephanie Meyer described it in the book. The dress isn't suppose to be some modern-day beauty. The entire wedding (dress included) was based around the time frame of the engagement ring (which was Edward's mother's). The dress in the book was a vintage time piece from Edward's era. So some may not like it because they simply do not like the fashion of that time era but she looked exactly how she was suppose to! She wasn't suppose to be in some super girly, strapless, sparkly ball gown. It was a beautiful plain dress (which matches Bella's taste perfectly) with gorgeous detailed back. It was simple, yet stunning.

  • katya

    I'm nt living in U.S,,how can I get them? please someone reply me by sending me email
    thank u

  • amd747

    It was a beautiful dress! It looked stunning on Bella, so pure. The back embroidery and detail was so perfect… I loved it!

  • hmm…

    perfect dress for bella, but i don't think there are too many woman out there that can pull off the look and style of the dress as flawless as bella ( Kristen Stewart)..

  • Amanda

    I loved the back of the dress! When I get married I want the back of my wedding dress to look exactly like that! I'll just make some changes to the front and veil and it will be perfect! But it was definitely perfect for the movie!

  • Vikingjess

    im loving the fact that that is cheap coz in england,, those shoes would be about £10,000 and the dress about £4,000 :L:L:L

  • Angiem1

    I loved the dress!  It was perfect for her.  I also thought this wedding dress was better than the one worn by the Duchess of Cambridge!

  • Shannon

    Does anyone happen to know the brand of the black shoes she wears on the way to Brazil for the honeymoon?  Or the honeymoon dress?  I loved the back of the wedding dress but was not super thrilled with the detail on the front.  If I was to get married all over again I would love a dress like that!  Really hoping that someone designs a much cheaper version of the wedding shoe!

  • Liz Llewellyn

    My daughter is getting married 3rd August 2012 she has got one of Alfred Angelo's dresses, I just wish I could afford the Swan Embellished Satin Pumps for her  :-(

  • Madeline Milden

    My grandmother and her sisters had lovely and detailed gowns. Do not blame the era. This dress is just ugly and boring.

  • Madeline Milden

    Why not buy it yourself?

  • Katelynrose91

    The dress is gorgeous and was perfect for Bella and Edward's style..wish I could wear it lol

  • Kkennedy724

    i totally agree night mare much better SHOES no way way to high for a wedding.

  • Cothrenjulie23


  • SeralynsMom929

    umm if you had read the books properly if a t all then you would know that edward was supposed to be thin and wiry looking not buff like jacob. r-pattz fits edwards body type perfectly. and no it has nothing to do with him being r-pattz. emmet is the only one whose supposed to be big and buff and “scary” looking.

  • SeralynsMom929

    i know a lot of brides now are gonna start saving just so they can dress like Bella for their own weddings. good luck ladies. as far as the rest of their weddings well lets see who out there is gonna try to make everything exactly like Bella and Edwards wedding. not saying anything is wrong with that cause it was all just beautiful.

  • Lydiabonagua

    lovely wed dress & shoes x

  • Werewolflover99

    i want it. but obviously i cannot afford it

  • Nana Alroe

    OMG the shoes is totally FANTASTIC!!!<3 I want them for my wedding:D

  • Jessica Bahr

    i love the shoes <#

  • Winterbabexx21xx

    Bella looked amazing in the dress soooo slim!!  Gorgeous shoes aswell even though she wore pumps to the actual wedding  ;D

  • KS

    I did not care for the dress. And for the record the book's description of Bella's wedding dress painted a picture of a replica of a dress from the inspiration of Anne of Green Gables:) This dress was too modern and absolutely unfitting for Bella's character. I wanted to see more lace and less sequence.

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