NickMom: Top 9 Clues Your Daughter is Dating Edward Cullen

NickMom has created a list of 9 clues that your daughter might be dating Edward Cullen. These are cute! Check them out!

That distant, detached look; the way she keeps complaining about the Volturi… hate to break it to you, but your daughter might be dating the Undead.

9. The day your daughter’s car got a flat tire, she said she would just catch a flying piggy back ride to school.

8. When you ask what they’re doing for their date, she says, “The usual. Just chillin’ on a limb of that giant evergreen on the top of that mountain that’s like 100 miles away. BYE.”

7. When you mention how awful world hunger is he says he feels bad for “you guys.”

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  • Sheilamayespinosa


  • Tina-spears

    When she slams her upstairs window when she seems mad and you here her raise it up again when she is happy. I mean who else would do such a thing. LOL

  • jolynnco

    When she gets excited for thunderstorms and says she wants to go play outside with her boyfriend and his family

  • louanne61

    Love it maybe that's why my bedroom window that has beeen sticking for ages can  now be opened xx

  • Zindagi1292

    o man i would die 4 edward's smile,,love his eyes ,,,n dream some day he'll come in my window

  • najale

    a agree with you

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