The Team-Twilight Take Podcast (Episode 4): Breaking Dawn Part 1

In our fourth episode of our site podcast The Team-Twilight Take, all of our bloggers got on the phone to discuss our favorite details of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1, as well as some other juicy details. Taking part were: Angie, Arianna, Ashley, Jenna, Lindsay, Sheila, and Stephanie. Click below to listen, but be warned: It’s FULL of SPOILERS!

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  • Marissa Kathryn

    I am going to see this movie for the first time tomorrow so sad I will watch it the day it comes out that day but we did not get enough tickets so I have the book and cant wait to see the movie can anyone tell me about the movie

  • Photochick7

    I agree about Jasper. I also thought the same thing about Esme and Carlisle.

  • Simplykhelle

    i havent watched the movie. maybe on sunday. what the heck! I am a die hard fan of EDWARD CULLEN! After watching it, I wont give negative comments for sure, because I am really a FAN! Ive waited the movie for a long time. If they added scenes which are not in the book, its darn OKAY! Movie writers do not actually include all the scenes from the book right? Whatever! Its still EDWARD and BELLA! TEAM EDWARD RULES! :)

  • annie

    i love love this movies yhe scene that touch mi emotionally wen Edward was trying 2 bring back bella 2life i cried

  • annie

    who cudnt love this movie

  • Katherine Hellstrom

    Okay, a follow-up. I've seen it 3 times now. (my husband thinks I'm crazy) I still agree with my previous post…another thing I don't get/like is why the wolf pack was so close to the Cullen's house. If Jake's new pack was “running a perimeter” then that wouldn't be possible. Or even when Jacob comes out when Bella dies and Paul is standing right behind Leah and Seth. Aren't they supposed to have super hearing and scent. So here's the big thing…not bad or good just…yeah, so I didn't notice it until my 3rd viewing but when Bella is remembering their night, the first flashback they are sitting up in bed kissing. When she moves her arm you can see her nipple…..twice! I was kind of shocked just cause I didn't think they could show that in a PG-13. Then last night I watched Rob on Jimmy Kimmel and he said they could show “half a nipple and keep it PG-13″. PS…that interview was really funny! He was talking about the sex scene and how some of it had to be edited out because there was too much thrusting. He said something like, “it wasn't even full thrusting, it was like only putting the tip in.” What made it even funnier was that his parents were sitting in the audience. Maybe the stuff we all want in the movie that didn't make the cut will be in the extras. I really hope they make the final movie longer. There's SO much left to discuss. I hope they don't cut stuff to keep it under 2hrs. I'd totally sit through a 3hr Breaking Dawn finale!!!! :)

  • Katherine Hellstrom

    agreed…that's why I said I understood why they did the fighting scene but I still think it would of been funnier. :)

  • Katherine Hellstrom

    Really?? about the hair? I thought a lot of their hair, especially during the wedding scene, looked like crap. Rose's hair looked throw together and then there's Renee's hair, when she's giving the speech. Is her hair supposed to look like that?????

  • Jully

    lovely movie

  • Elaine@twilight

    I already watch Twilight:Breaking Dawn part 1!!!!! REALLY GREAT and some of the scenes in movie is so funny.Great job, Bill Condon!!! I would like to watch other movie that directed by him.

  • heather

    I still need to watch the movie still

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jon-Cox/1368360447 Jon Cox

    I did enjoy the wedding; the scenery, the colors and Bella's dress
    the toasts were hilarious
    and the honeymoon in Brazil was breathtaking, made me wish I could travel all the time
    the birthing scene made me and my sisters flinch but I am saddened that the PG-13 rating censored the graphicness that was described in the book

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