New “Breaking Dawn” Still Featuring the Cullen Family


  • Stacytrambaugh

    I have to say I like Rose with the Darker blonde hair but all the Cullens looked amazing

  • Purpleaddict14

    Amazing! <3 them!

  • Sahilrashid21

    ROSALIE <3

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    Rosalie looks like a goddess!!

  • KarolajnCoco

    Rosie looks amazing she's so perfect. Emmett also.Carlisle hair is awful , the worst he looks cery good in New Moon

  • SuprNova

    amazing!  I love Carlisle and Esme's look- so classy!  And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alice and Jasper together.  I just can't resist men in tux-es

  • Mimi

    Jackson is forever smiling like that as Jasper, makes me giggle. They all look amazing, like the color scheme.

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