The Girls on Film take on the Twilight: Eclipse tent scene

In a new twist, The Girls on Film swap gender roles for The Twilight Saga! Watch the Eclipse tent scene below!

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Actress Ashleigh Harrington and Actor/Director Jeff Hammond are trekking into uncharted territory with their new web-series The Girls on Film. The show takes cool movie scenes between men and recreates them with women. Its an experimental and entertaining series that poses the question: What if our favourite male movie characters were female? The pair have just launched an episode of The Twilight Saga, to coincide with the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. This episode is fast on the heels of their parody of Drive (2011, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, starring Ryan Gosling.)
The very nature of the show has sparked a wildfire of commentary online and in the media. To date, the series has been featured in many publications both online and in print (including The Guardian*Red Carpet Diary*Thompson on HollywoodWomen and Hollywood, ABC Nightline News, BlogHer, Its Just Movies, Trekmovie.comDen of Geek, Richard Crouse’s Pop Culture panel on Newstalk 1010, Star Trek producer Roberto Orci’s Twitter), and most recently was listed as one of the top websites in MTV.com editor Leslie Simon’s new book, Geek Girls Unite.
“A good film entertains but also creates discussion. We think The Girls on Film is doing both.” said Hammond.  “We have a lot of fun shooting the show and experimenting with how far we can go creating our own version. And we love getting feedback from our audience.”


  • ElizabethLautner

    did she just say “she may need her toes some day” wtf fuck i thought it was a gender swap role wasn't bella a boy…why call him her if it was a boy…lol

  • Holygrace84

    LoL…wanna be!!! :D

  • TeamEdward

    It really does make you think about the different ways we treat men and women. Done with women, it makes me see what an asshole jacob is. I'd be pissed if that was my man.

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