‘Twilight’ Fans Share Their Favorite Moments from ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′

MTV asked Twilight fans to name their favorite moments from Breaking Dawn Part 1. Here are some that made the list!

As expected, plenty of folks had trouble selecting just one favorite scene from the action-packed, 117-minute movie. In addition to the three early favorites — the honeymoon scene, birth scene and wedding scene — according to our quick poll, fans seem happiest with the family toasts at Edward and Bella’s wedding and Jacob imprinting on Renesmee.

“Love wedding scene and Charlie’s speech, also Jake’s imprinting to Renesmee scene,” Daniela Imrichova said.

“I feel the wedding speeches were a well-thought addition 2 the movie – since it wasnt in the books. LUV Emmet’s the best!” gushed Kristen Grumbine.

“My favorite scene was Jake imprinting on Renesmee it really touched my heart that Jake finally found true love,” Christine Waters chimed in.

“Jacob imprinting its perfect. I’ve seen it four times so far and still cry,” admitted Desiree Kozlowski.

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  • Gyleches

    Loved the scene where Edward hears the baby in Bela's tummy and they finally are BOTH happy about it.

  • Ivriverad

    I love Edward's dark past scene. That what the surprise element…..Bad Edward. LOL

  • http://www.whatchalookinat-kl.blogspot.com BD1♂ Ami♥ BD2♀ Csmpls♠ Cptvs☼

    The whole thing honestly was my favorite, but Edward trying to save Bella touched me the most…like he was desperately doing CPR on Kristen instead. <3

  • rocio

    La transformacion es mi favorita, como van pasando por la mente de Bella los recuerdos humanos los cuañes lleva a su vida de vampiro.

  • TwilightFanGirl18

    Breaking Dawn Part one was the best Twilight saga movie ever, i loved the birth part of the moive. yeah it made me all intense but it was so good. Cant wait to see part two, i hope in BD pt2 it will have when Jacob phased in front of Charlie. :)

  • Amanda M ,<3

    the hole wedding and and the scene were Bella finds out shes pregnant scene was my favorit

  • Amanda M,<3 <3 i <3 twilight

    the whole wedding scene and the scene were Bella finds out shes pregnant are my favorite

  • team3dwardforever

    i loved the whole movie but i LOVED the wedding it wus sooo cuteee nd beautiful :') i teared and my friends made fun of me crying lol but idc xD cuz im a proud dedicated fan :) especially since i saw it on Thursday Midnight

  • Michu

    i loved the part that edward can read he mind of the baby and the transformation

  • Rosealisha2

    *I loved the wedding
    *The CG on how they made Bella look so frail, and the whole tranformation process, Im the fan who cant wait to see Bella as a Vampires, so seeing her change was amazing! even though it could have been explained through Bella's words, like the book!!
    *I love how they showed Jacobs imprinting ~

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