Untagged Outtakes in HQ of Taylor Lautner for ‘L’Uomo Vogue’

Here are the untagged outtakes in HQ of  Taylor Lautner for the magazine L’Uomo Vogue (Italian Vogue). Enjoy!

Via: TTS

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2LHE3SGDLXPWHI2GDH4NK4RBIE binky

    He looks so mature!  I love ALL his photo shoots!  He always looks so relaxed & comfortable in front of ANY camera.  Keep up the good work Sharkboy, lol.  I look forward to your looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggggg career. =)

  • Ladylizbth

    He has classic beauty!!!  What a wonderful photo!!

  • Bebelove73

    ilove this phohos

  • pattyge24

    love uuuu Taylor <3

  • Jaycakes

    He looks stupid. I think he was better as the casual look, right now he looks like hes trying to act like ashton kutcher in that nikon commercial. Seriously, wtf.


    Sure wish you'd figure out how to SLIDE SHOW your photographs!!! SO frustrating browsing here!

  • Greeneyedgirl435

    He is not trying to look like anyone. He is just doing what photographers wants him to do. Here is some advice Jay, don't comment unless you have a legit argument. “he looks stupid” isn't an argument.

  • Amy

    That makes two of us :)

  • Beth

    I like these photos.  Thanks for the insightful  “he looks stupid”  comment Jake.   Duh

  • hoochiemumma

    taylor look's FAR from stupid, he's a good looking man and they are going to want to make him look sexy in front of a camera, good work, im a taylor fan after seeing him in twilight and hope to see him in more films to come :)

  • isi


  • upasana

    I luv these pics u r awwwwsome!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • isi

    er wird niemals wie ashten kutcher aussehen, da fehlen ihn 3 klassen und 20 zentimeter körpergrösse 1

  • Zainabezzy

    love himmmm….

  • emy

    hey taylor it's a me

  • Cynthia

    wow talk about majorly sexy i love taylor in these pics

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