A perfect holiday gift for the vampire lover in your life!

Some of you probably have the same problem that my family has. What to get the avid Twilight fan (like me) for a Christmas gift? I already have all the licensed stuff that they sell at Hot Topic, the posters, the Cafe Press shirts, the Tonner dolls, etc.

Well, how about the sexy-scented Vampire Perfume from Body Fantasies? A Gift Set including the Eau de Parfum and the Eau de Toilette is now available!

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  • Bmiller0267

    I have this perfume and it smells WONDERFUL!!!  I highly recommend it.

  • Camrynrawlings

    I want this

  • Greeneyes5822

    Where can you get it?

  • isabelle

    on peux le trouver ou

  • Danielle Crouch

    Got that last year, smells really nice. Shipped from America to England.

  • Lisamayann

    cvs or walmart that were i got mine

  • R_padgett1227

    This Perfume is AMAZING cant live without it lol

  • lemor davidovici

    i just wish there was a vampire contest to get this cool vampire perfume !.

  • Adamselisabeth30

    i have to get! where to get it?

  • Angl910

    Has anybody bought it recently…what store if so :)

  • jacksonsmonkey

    you can get it at your mall to …Sears has it , and Target has it also…

  • Vicstaroonie

    How did you ship it to England? Where did you get it from?

  • Vicstaroonie

    Anyone know how to get it in England?

  • Jennifer Farr

    Gotta have it whats the price run anyone know?

  • http://twitter.com/TwihardChic95 Lesley Goodaker

    Some Wal-Marts also carry it.

  • Tizzy-bee

    hey do u recon that target in australia would have it to???

  • Franne

    I bought it while shopping at Walmart.  Very reasonable, smells great and gives you a  great all over feeling.

  • Prabago15

    Do u know if they sell it in Hong KOng?!! In what store?!!!!! :0

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