What if Michelle Trachtenberg had played Bella?

Michelle Trachtenberg reportedly was up for the role and it didn’t work out for timing reasons. Here is what Michelle said about almost working on the film. From The Fab Life:

“There was definitely interest here and there because there’s only so few pale girls in Hollywood,” Trachtenberg said.Explained Michelle, “I’ve known [director] Catherine Hardwicke since the movie Thirteen. I was actually supposed to star in that, but I was on Buffy at the time.” Jeez, how many movies do we have to mentally recast you in, girl? All of them? Actually, we’ll just go ahead and start now. Wow, we can really see her in Arachnophobia!

As for why Kristen Stewart ended up snagging the lead in the vampire epic, Michelle shrugged, “I guess schedules never worked out.”


  • Pdeb69

    I can't see her as Bella!

  • Angelguzman14

    Me either! I love Kristen! I love everyone!

  • http://twitter.com/TalithaGen Talitha Taljaard

    I'm sorry, but annoying Dawn from Buffy could never be Bella.  I would constantly be comparing her to annoying Dawn and grinding my teeth.

  • Sia

    Sorry don't see her as Bella ! Thank god !

  • Ikristen22

    Oh god, me too! I just couldn't do it. I don't think I would love twilight as much as I do now if she was Bella.

  • Aurinko

    Aww, come on! If Michelle would've been Bella from the beginning and years later an article would pop up that Kristen was also casted for the role but never got it you would say the very same stuff about her now. Because then Michelle would be our one and only Bella and you wouldn't be able to picture Kristen in that role.

  • http://twitter.com/criza025 Criza Samonte

    No. I can't… oh my god. no. hahaha

  • Natalie

    Its hard to say bc were used to kristen now but since i always loved Kristen and never liked Michelle as Dawn in Buffy i can say im really happy. Although Michelle is a perfect Georgina ;)

  • @definatelyliz

    can't see her as bella, she looks too young to even play a high school kid, kristen is the perfect bella

  • http://twitter.com/Robstenluv4ever Isabella

    NO way that SHE could be Bella she doesn't have that style that Kristen does and if it wasn't for that part she would have never dated Rob

  • Madwomen10

    can't see it! but that's because we love kristen and we've only seen her as bella! never the less, i'm so glad we've got THIS bella and not THAT bella!

  • Amanda Akay

    Kristen and Rob aren't supposed to be dateing. It sucks so much that he's dateing anyone I can't even put it into words.

  • miller37

    she sounds like a cocky the-world-owes-me-something kinda person… how does she know that if her schedule would have worked out, that she would have gotten the role? i think its funny that her reason for not being cast as a lead role in twilight and/or thirteen is scheduling… hmm… i think not.

  • small_world

    I'm absolutely 100% sure that if the choice of the cast would have been made by popularity vote from the public it wouldn't have been either Kristen or Rob since she had a nasty “blah” kind of attitude and he looked like a homeless person. Like anyone on here can say anything about the “what if”.

  • TwilightFanGirl

    What are u talking about Kristen plays like the perfect Bella. No one can play a more “careful” person other than Kristen. Like she's perfect for Bella.

  • Sanaashafi

    She would have destroyed the movies….

  • Oi

    And just why aren't they “supposed” to be dating? Who are you to say who can and cannot date? It's not like any of the diehard fans of his would have any chance with him, so why not just be happy that he's happy with the person that he IS with? GET OVER IT.

  • Rbtrfly_605

    NO!!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!

  • pretimis

    shes not pretty!!she doesnt fit as bella..she look like soo sick!!

  • paige

    Noooooooooooooo no no no no

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